English Sailor Moon Newsround!

Hey Moonies, we came across some wonderful mentions of Sailor Moon in English news. There’s even been a few for the What the Heck Were They Thinking? pile and hopefully I’ll get that up sometime soon. But for now…

Back in the Day, Sailor Moon Was Cool Enough to Have a Virus Named After Her?!

Ahh computer viruses. Those pesky fiends which have long been the bane of Windows users since it’s birth recently topped the million mark. We have a couple harmless favorites here at Moon Chase, the first being the BS virus, which when clicked on, displays an animation which appears as if a user’s entire hard drive is being deleted! The second one was actually put out by Coca-Cola, and when a user clicked on it, the CD tray would pop out and a pop-up would appear saying “Enjoy a Coke in your new drink holder!” or something to that effect. Some people didn’t get it for a very long time! The girls and technology blog Shiny Shiny posted a list of their top 10 best virus names of all time. Little did we know that in 1995, during the glory days of Sailor Moon‘s popularity in North America, a virus was named after our favorite superhero’s likeness. Die Hard 2 (The Unbeatable) Sailor Moon wreaked havoc on machines by very cleverly activating on June the 7th of each year with the message,

“*** SW DIE HARD 2 (The Return of the Doom) ***
Thanks God for making me alive again!
and deleting sectors on the hard drives. But wait, there’s more! The virus also attaches itself to other program files (so it runs when they are run too) and multiplies faster than bunnies. We do NOT recommend users download this, Sailor Moon will not appear (and she probably won’t save your machine either). Alas, we are very amused that a superhero’s unbeatability has inspired the name of a virus!

University of Toronto Humor Newspaper Speculates on the Whereabouts of Sailor Moon!

The University of Toronto has wonderful student newspapers – and we definitely recommend anyone in the vicinity go grab a copy of The Varsity or The Toike Oike if they can! They really are good reads! The Toike Oike published a story last month, “Where Are They Now?”, taking a humorous look at the whereabouts of some beloved characters from our childhood, including Captain Planet, Miss Frizzle, Bill Nye The Science Guy, and of course, Sailor Moon! According to them, Sailor Moon got pregnant at 16 with Tuxedo Mask’s child, and left the baby in shame at a Moon Kingdom church. She returned to Earth and gave up on saving the world. Then she turned to drugs, alcohol, and other unspeakable deeds to ease the pain of her troubles. Sailor Moon staged a comeback against the “Mega Super Scary Shiny Monster”, but was defeated. And now the Earth has been taken over by the evil “Darkness Kingdom”. We think Luna and the other Senshi would have done a good job of keeping Usagi in line and none of this stuff would happen! But who knows, really. Maybe Sailor Moon has been put under a sleeping spell until Naoko Takeuchi can decide what she wants to do with the character next!

A Very Original Idea For A Figure Skating Show!

When we read this, we had to add these skaters to our list of Special People! The Silver Wings skaters of Bonavista, Newfoundland holds an annual ice show each year. This year’s took place on April 1st, and was simply titled Do You Remember When? Coach Jamie Seaward chose the theme in her final show with the club. She chose music from all her years that she had worked with them. The youngest skaters skated to theme songs from Arthur, The Pink Panther, and Sailor Moon. Some of the kids even dressed up like these characters! The show served as a memoir of the years the club spent with Jamie, as well as bringing back happy memories of cartoon nostalgia! To these young skaters in the Canskate program, we salute you in your perseverance to become Starskaters, and are very honored that your coach choseSailor Moon to be a part of your evening! It looks like you had a lot of fun doing it!

A few fans have wondered what makes a person qualify for this category. It’s quite simple, really. Anyone who has used Sailor Moon in a project or as an inspiration in the name of their community is a member of Moon Chase’s Special People! Using Sailor Moon in a very creative way to enrich the lives of others or present it in a way that is original and unique keeps Sailor Moon in the eyes of the masses. We like to think that little things like this would look very good in the future should anyone have doubts of Sailor Moon ever being popular with the fans again in the case of a possible re-release. And, we think that these people are cool for what they did and though they may not get much recognition from people around them, we are happy to give them recognition among Sailor Moon fans!

2 Responses to “English Sailor Moon Newsround!”

  1. Jamie Seaward Says:

    I just searched for our Ice Show online and found this, thanks for the mention! I unfortunately don’t have a photo of the Sailor Moon group, but their costumes were handmade and stunning. If I can get one from one of the parents I will surely share it!

    Jamie Seaward
    Former Coach Silver Wings FSC

  2. sailordees Says:

    Oh wow, that would be great if you could share that! That’s cool that they were homemade! I think that doing cartoon characters from the past was a really good idea for an ice show!

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