Emilie-Claire Barlow’s New Album Drops!

Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Mars #2, Sailor Venus #2) just released her new album on Tuesday, Haven’t We Met! We hope to be able to find her CD at a store nearby and post a review of it shortly. Last year was a big year for Emilie-Claire as she was nominated for a few awards in Canada – one for a Gemini “Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series”, a Juno for “Vocal Jazz Album Of The Year”, and a National Jazz Award for “Female Vocalist Of The Year” – which she won! This album features jazz hits in English, French, and Portuguese, many complete with Emilie-Claire’s signature scat singing, which has been coined “Emiliese”! We look forward to hearing You Must Believe in Spring – probably a song every Canadian needs to listen to after surviving this cruel and brutal winter! Emilie-Claire will be performing concerts all over Canada over the next two months, click here for tour dates and ticket information!

Emilie-Claire is also a rising jazz star in Japan, having performed at many prestigious jazz clubs there over the last few years. Her new album is being released simultaneously over there and she has been featured in a few news articles. Sankei MSN reports that Emilie-Claire has a hard-core fan-base in Japan, and that this new album is her “best workmanship yet” with her strong selection of tunes and arrangements! Yahoo Japan posts that this was a long-awaited album in Japan, as she received standing ovations at all three of her performances at the Ginza International Jazz Festival last November! The reviewer also remarks that her production and arrangements shine from her bossa novas to her strings. This is an album which features her high speed scat-singing, and her charming voice is lovely enough to heal the mind without reserve. He later recommends this album for anyone who wants to listen to some great jazz lounge music. Congratulations to Emilie-Claire on achieving success in Japan with her jazz music and also for being who we believe is the first person involved with the English adaptation of Sailor Moon to have a fanbase in Japan!

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