Editorial: It’s about time they came back!

Hey Moonies! I had tried my hardest to restrain my excitement from pouring out onto this newsblog as this is hardly Sailor Moon related, but I failed! And hey, it’s my newsblog so I’ll post what I want :p (Just kidding. I am on topic most of the time!)

By now, most of you have probably heard the Spice Girls have reunited and are staging a comeback ! They will be doing a short set of concerts around the world, and there will be a Greatest Hits album. There will also be a documentary too! I think I speak for every fan who has stuck with them for years when I say “THANK YOU!” (huge shout outs to the fans at DenDen!) While I am happy that they are finally getting back together, there’s another reason why I think that they really needed to be back in the spotlight.

The stars of today just aren’t being good role models to teenage girls. You barely go one week without hearing about Britney Spears’ club escapades, or Lindsay Lohan being completely whacked out on drugs, or Paris Hilton getting out of almost everything because of who she is – with her money. Where are the positive, female, role models in this world? They seem so few and far between in pop culture these days. It’s a shame that the ones that should be looked up to are barely mentioned by anyone at all! I often worry when I see younger girls wherever I am – especially the ones I see that dress like the “idols” of today. I have seen girls under the age of 10 think that Paris Hilton is the greatest thing since sliced bread and they romp around in mini-skirts holding toy chihuahuas in ballerina outfits. I think the only scandalous thing the Spice Girls were guilty of were their fashion choices (and the odd bizarre antic in public). But they were out on a mission , to let girls everywhere know that they had a place in this world and they could do anything. As ridiculous as it sounds, they were an influence on who I was as a teenager, and who I continue to be. And now that they are older and a bit wiser, it’s about darn time they rekindled their message to the world. It’s not like Sailor Moon is around as much as it used to be for this generation.

So, I’m elated and ecstatic to hear that they are back. I hope for a moment, even though it’s very short, that they can use their time in the spotlight to make the positive impact they had a decade ago on today’s young girls. Ginger, Posh, Scary, Sporty, and Baby, may your Girl Power be stronger than ever!

Just for kicks, here’s the short (and slightly cheezy!) featurette they put together announcing the tour.

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