Ebay Wrangle #8

We got very lucky this week and can bring you a full sized update!

Items That Will Break Your Bank:
Queen Serenity Cel (Rare)!
A Rare Soundtrack CD from Germany!

Bargain Items:
Play-a-Sound Book, Figure, and Invitations!
An Art Book that should cost a lot more?
Super Famicom Game!

Best of the Rest:
Where is Xiao Ling Jing’s Little Happy World?
Light-up Figure from Germany!
Notebook, Planner, and Stickers!
German Comics and Bonuses!
Lot of Official CD Releases from Japan!
☼ Pocket Games 1 ,2 , & 3!
Sailor Moon View Finder!
Original Sailor Moon Laser Discs from Japan!
Set of Sailor Moon Watches!
Quite possibly the tackiest top we’ve ever seen yet!
Rare Girls T-Shirt!
Palace Complete with Several Figures!
Sailor Moon Chopsticks!
Melvin/Umino Cel!
Sailor Moon Labeler!
Quiz World Toy!
Photo Album!
Sketch Kit!
Sailor Moon Socks!
Rare Luna and Usagi Framed Cel!
Sailor Moon Quilt!
Rare Colored Pens (possibly gel pens)!
Sailor Moon Watch!
Rare Sailor Moon Plush!
Sleeping Bag and Books!
Sailor Moon Slippers!
Some More Sailor Moon Watches!
Full set of Sailor Moon Twin Bedding!
Rare set of Gashapon at an affordable price!
Sailor Moon Pencil Case, Pencil, Leads, Ruler, and Erasers!
Journal with Lock!
Markers, Scissors and a Sharpner!
Sailor Moon Washcloth and Hand Towel!
Rare Nakayoshi Bracelet and Necklace set!
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars Cell Phone Straps!
Bento Fork and Spoon!
Chibi-Usa Makeup Bag!

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