eBay Wrangle #7

It seems to have been a long time since we’ve done one of these!

Most Expensive Items:
☼Transformation wands for Sailors Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus!
Eternal Sailor Moon and Starlights Figures!

Best Bargains:
PGSM Sailor Venus Cosplay Hair Kit!
Artemis Plush!
Sailor Moon Magnets!
Lunchbox, Binder, and Keychain!

Other Neat Finds:
Rare set of Neo-Queen Serenity and Black Lady keychains!
Sailor Moon ink stampers!
Two rare foil cards!
11 Foil Cards!
Fuchsia T-shirt!
Sailor Moon Candles!
Sailor Jupiter Necklace!
Sailor Moon Viewmaster Reels!
Chibi-Usa’s Time Key!
Sailor Moon Nail Polish Toy!
PGSM cutlery set!
Another ink stamper set!
A cute Sailor Moon dress for little girls!
Play-a-Sound Storybook!
Sailor Moon Sticker Albums!
Lot including Valentines!
Sailor Moon plastic drawstring bag!
Sailor Moon clothing and toy lot!
Sailor Moon drinking glasses!
Child’s Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon tank top!
Sailor Moon stationary!
Sailor Moon bandages!
Long-sleeved Sailor Moon shirt!
Sailor Moon Watch!
Sailor Stars tote!
Sailor Moon bedding!
Sailor Moon Jewelry Box!
Moon Princess resin kit!
☼Jewelry boxes for Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus!

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