Does this Look Familiar?

Meet Panchanne Mini!

When we watched last week’s episode of Bishoujo Celeb Panchanne, we were reminded of a certain Sailor Senshi! Yumiko Shinjo’s alter ego is Panchanne, however Panchanne always seems to be around whenever her daughter Risa is in trouble! Well, the six year old finally put two and two together and revealed to her mother that she knew of her secret identity! So, Kami-sama made her a superhero too, and henceforth, let it be known to man that Japan’s newest superhero now has a sidekick: Panchanne Mini!
But does Panchanne Mini’s Shiroganeze Attack Mini remind you of Pink Sugar Heart Attack? You be the judge!

Here’s Panchanne Mini fighting an angry cell phone:

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And here’s Sailor Chibi Moon fighting a Taiko Drum Daimon:

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We have also learned that Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine’s younger sister also gained powers from their Kami-Sama and became her sidekick named Poitrine-Petit!

Since our last update on this series, it seems the episodes have been pulled from Ameba Vision – however we will update everyone with links on YouTube so they can watch this show!

EDIT: Sadly YouTube has taken down all of the episodes.

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