Do Not Support “The Sailor Moon Ultimate Fans App”

Hello Moonies. Recently, we were made aware of an iPhone/iPod app called the “Sailor Moon Ultimate Fans App”, published by Marc Jordan and Apps2Day. These companies are charging fans to download an app which contains our content. We have expressed in our copyright policy that no user may use anything they find on our site for commercial purposes. Marc Jordan and Apps2Day were charging fans 99 cents for this app. We were not asked for permission by either of these parties to use our content, and we don’t think it is fair for fans to have to pay to access anything on our site. We urge fans not to support this app at all, and even though our site’s name and content are used on it we do not support or endorse this app. We have sought action against the developers. We can’t speak for other sites that are featured on this app, but we do not appreciate someone else making money off of content we work hard to provide to the fans for free. Hopefully the profits from the sales of this app will be donated to a charity or other non-profit organization since the content was linked from a non-profit site.

2 Responses to “Do Not Support “The Sailor Moon Ultimate Fans App””

  1. boohead84 Says:

    It’s really pathetic that grown adults have to plagerize to make money. I hope you guys do something about it and get rid of those clowns.

  2. SailorSagittarius Says:

    I agree. With the internet culture especially, people will do anything to get their name & recognition out on the internet. 15 minutes of fame & all that rot. Even if it means hurting what they love. Maybe they want to do it to dismantle what they don’t like.

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