Designer at Japan Fashion Week Reminds Audience of Sailor Moon

The fifth annual Japan Fashion Week has just begun in Tokyo and promises to be filled with an eclectic mix of couture and eccentricities. There will be 38 designers from Japan showing off new trends in fashion, and a new segment called New Designers Met in Europe will feature eleven designers from Europe adding flavor to Fashion Week!

Starting off the festival August 30th was popular designer Eri Utsugi, who designs under the name Mercibeaucoup, . Her fashion philosophy is “wearing clothes should be fun!” and when we saw the pictures from the show, we could definitely see she practices what she preaches. The theme for her line for 2008 Spring and Summer was the Milky Way, and featured many eccentric creations. Nearly every model wore at least one star! Fusing the real world with the imaginary, she created a line that reminded many of Sanrio characters and Sailor Moon. We see the resemblance, as a lot of the shapes of the wigs remind us of Sanrio characters like Little Twin Stars and My Melody. We spotted one here that looked like a double version of Chibi-Usa’s odangoes. At the end of the show, all the models joined Eri for a “Bon Festival Dance” which included a message of ecology in it’s humor. One reporter commented that this was a typical anime atmosphere similar to Akiba. Readers wanting to see a video of this fashion show can click here and for pictures of select models, click here!

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