Definite Proof Sailor Moon is NOT on the Air!

We’d like to begin by thanking one of our friends (who asked not to be named) in England who took the time to give us a hand. This person over the phone told us what was airing and what wasn’t airing as it was happening. To recap: Sailor Moon was claimed to be airing at 7:05 on Sat.1 , a German channel. What we have learned since is that the show is not on the network at all (and there aren’t even any kids shows on that network). If the show was on Sat.1, we would expect to see the German version and not the English one. Some fans on the internet are still adamant that it’s on – and even on a completely different network. That network is ITV, and some claim that the show is on under it’s Toonattik block. Well, we checked that schedule, and didn’t find it there either. Without further ado…

The Results!

Our friend checked ITV first at 7:00 and found that Dora the Explorer was on the air – and swiftly ran through their guide to find the channel for Sat.1. Toonattik hadn’t even started yet, this was still ITV’s early childhood block Wakey Wakey. In fact, we even asked that they mute it because we didn’t want to suffer through any more of the theme song. Then our friend found Sat.1. and told us that what looked like a German version of Deal or No Deal, was coming to an end. After Deal or No Deal ended, our correspondent told is there was “Definitely not a cartoon on, and definitely not Sailor Moon“. What they did find airing on the channel was a show called Hallo Onkel Doc, which looked like it could have been some kind of family drama. The episode title that flashed on the bottom of the screen was Kindersegen. Since Toonattik starts in a bit, we are going to check that too. Stay tuned for updates!

Update: Toonattik began and Sailor Moon was not on. Iggy Arbuckle was on though! It is now 7:30 AM in Britain, but far too late in our timezone. Even Moon Chase needs sleep!

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