CTV Builds The Bridge Without CBS… For Now!

Some of our readers may remember some of the woes Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis’ Flashpoint had last Fall – new episodes were not scheduled to air on CBS, but CTV went ahead and put the show on its Fall schedule anyway. And it was a success, being one of the highest rated (if not the highest rated) show on Friday nights in Canada! Flashpoint is also special because it helped to open the door for several Canada-U.S. co-productions, another one of them being the upcoming cop drama The Bridge, which features Toby Proctor (Tuxedo Mask #2). CBS has delayed the premiere of this show for the timebeing, but CTV is not going to let these 11 episodes wait until then! The show will premiere with a bang on March 5th at 9PM Eastern Time with a two hour episode (just after the network completes their Vancouver Olympic Broadcast)! Fans who are looking to see Tuxedo Mask in his new law-enforcement role can check out a trailer here – he appears at 1:20 (with a gun, sorry no roses!). For more information on the show’s development and inspiration, check out this post from one of our WGTS friends, TV, Eh?

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