Cosplay Interview: Rina Love

We’re bringing a different kind of feature to you today, readers. Below is an interview I conducted with Rina Love, a Sailor Moon cosplayer I met at Sakura Con 2011. She was also the organizer of the Sailor Moon picnic photoshoot! Images used with Rina Love’s permission.

And now, on to the interview…

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you decided to become a Sailor Moon cosplayer.
Ever since I was little (5 years old), I’ve loved Sailor Moon. I didn’t learn what cosplay was until I was 16 and decided to dress up with my best friend as Sailor Mini/Chibi Moon. So my love of Sailor Moon kind of just made me fall into cosplaying from the series.

What first got you interested in cosplaying anime characters?
My friends who told me about these conventions and googling cosplay! It all started With Sailor Moon though.

What was the first anime character that you cosplayed?
Sailor Chibi/Mini Moon was my first, but if you count my other two costumes I made for the same convention then it would also be Plusle (Pokemon gijinka) and Nijihara Ink from Moetan.

What other kinds of costumes have you created (anime or otherwise)? What are some of the more notable ones previously created?

Well, I’ve only been cosplaying for 2, almost 3 years so my list isn’t spectacular, but other types are anime based, sci-fi movies based (Pris from Blade Runner), video game related, and tv/book related.

My most notable and favorites are: Sailor Moon from the Manga-first arc. My dad made me the staff and I spent over 30 hours creating everything, a lot of that was hand sewing as well, and I made everything aside from my leotard (because it was cheaper to purchase) and my boots “base”. I did hand sew on the white pvc leather and gold crescent moon to the boots though.

My other favorites are: School Uniform Chibiusa-from the artbook illustrations of her short t-shirt of the Dream arc.

And Cardcaptor Sakura-Sakura Kinomoto. I made this in two days time basically, and based it off the anime and manga drawings, so it’s sort of combined.

How many costumes have you made (wholly or partially)?
Discluding ‘casuals and closets’: 8
With closet: 10

How long does it take to create a senshi costume?
30 hours or more. Time is usually spread out over a period of weeks though.

What’s was the most challenging costume you’ve ever had to make?
Sailor Moon thus far. It was for a performance group, so on top of making everything it needed to with stand the stage and not fall off.

What are some of your planned upcoming costumes? Will you be doing different costumes each time, or do you re-wear costumes at events?

My planned costumes for next year and to cap off 2011 are: Tinkerbell, Gwen Stacy (my “Halloween” costume), and Neptune-christmas edition.

For 2012, I hope to complete a lot more! These are my plans: Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia-Sakuracon 2012), Tinkerbell (updated-Tinkerbell movie’s version), and Small Lady.

I will rewear some of my costumes, but I also wear different costumes each time:) It all depends on the costume and how much I wore it the first time and how many photos I have of that costume.

If you have performed skits or dances in cosplay, what advice do you have for cosplayers who plan to perform skits or dances in costume?

I have performed in a dance in cosplay and my advice is to be prepared, always expect the worst to happen and don’t dilly-dally on wigs! Order them months in advance because if they’re not they’re in time, and if you don’t have a backup plan (like, your hair won’t work), then you’re kind of out of luck.

My wig didn’t show up in time for the performance when it was supposed to get there a couple days earlier. So my friend and partner got extensions which luckily matched my hair, and luckily my hair was long enough to be worn in buns and styled as Usagi’s. (My hair was also a platinum-golden blonde).

Another thing: be timely, and get ready hours beforehand! Rushing at the last minute makes nobody happy.

What advice do you have for people who have never cosplayed before and are just starting to get interested in it?

Cosplayers can be mean, but they’re human. Avoid those sites that belittle people, because in effect, it can make you feel bad about yourself. People are going to judge you no matter what, but look for allies and friends in the cosplay community who Don’t bring you down.

Also, it’s perfectly alright to buy your costume! Just research the person you’re purchasing from, and learn your measurements! Also, make sure the costume fits properly and isn’t too big or too small. Nothing looks worse than a slopped together and ill fitted costume.

Oh and you don’t need to enter a contest to have fun or make new friends or get your photo taken! But keep in mind, the more popular and well made and put together a character, the more photos! Don’t get discouraged if you get no photos in a costume you love, it may just not be known.

Anything else you’d like to add for the readers of Moon Chase?

Sailor Moon is a fantastic series and fun to cosplay from, but I’ll admit, there seems to be an underlying competition sometimes between cosplayers for no reason. I’ve also made some great friends who love this series as well! Sailor Moon is what got me interested in cosplay, and I doubt I’ll stop cosplaying any time soon. 🙂

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That’s all for today’s interview! We hope you enjoyed reading this insight into making Sailor Moon costumes. If you are a Sailor Moon cosplayer and would like to be featured on Moon Chase, please send us an e-mail!

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