Cosplay, Anyone?

Originally, this was supposed to be a story about MTAC’s Sailor Moon cosplayers. However, I not only lost my camera with all the pictures on it, but I have lost my notebook full of interviews. ;_; I am terribly sorry to all those cosplayers that I’d promised to make famous on the internet…

While going around the internet, however, I found a cool little Sailor Moon wig tutorial. If your hair isn’t long enough to put into odangos, but you have some extra cash, you can see how to make yourself a nice wig! (Detailed tutorials for the individual parts can be found on Katie Bair’s website.)If you’re still not up to it, Charmed Seed Cosplay has opened for commissions. She likes Sailor Moon wigs especially, so if you have the money and want a good-quality wig, check her out! All of her costumes look lovely and accurate.

I hope to address more Sailor Moon cosplay in the future…if you’ve cosplayed, send us pictures and tell us a bit about your experience!

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