Convention News: Kumiko Watanabe and Miki Narahashi to Appear at Anime North!

Special thanks to forums reader Amanda for passing this on to us! On April 4th, Anime North announced a new round of guests appearing at their convention in May. Included are two seiyuu from Sailor Moon! One is Kumiko Watanabe, who is famous now for her role as Shippo in InuYasha and Sgt. Keroro in Keroro Gunso. But, she had a very famous role in Sailor Moon! She played JunJun in the SuperS series, as well as Youma-of-the-day Kugurumiko. The second Seiyuu to appear is Miki Narahashi, who is better known as playing Crayon Shin-Chan‘s mom, Misae Nohara. She played quite a few Youma-of-the-days in Sailor Moon, including reprising her role as Misae in an episode of Sailor Moon S, Gigaros in R, Kotarou in SuperS, and Sailor Leaguer in Sailor Stars. Anime North takes place from May 27-29 in Toronto, Canada. We will not be having any of our staff attending this convention this year, however we would love to hear what happens from any fans attending!

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