Commercials Delayed, Indefinitely.

Hi Moonies, we had planned to bring you a lot of commercials this weekend, but unfortunately our video host imeem, flaked out. Last night we spent two hours uploading commercials, and only ten of them made it to the site. This morning, we got a message saying we had too many (even though after hours of scouring through the site, there was no mention of a limit anywhere). So then we tried to make another account, and again, after hours of uploading which finished only just over an hour ago, only ten made it. A few minutes of searching on the web later, we learned imeem changed their policies in January, and didn’t bother to notify their users about it. For the timebeing, we will be holding these commercials (and any others that we find) until we find a new host. We are not abandoning imeem completely – we will likely leave our VA clips and our other, non commercial clips up there. Our old ones will remain there until we find a more lasting solution. We are sorry to have to break this to you – we had a really big post planned, but unfortunately things were just not in our favor. If any of our fans have any suggestions, please let us know in our forums!

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