Commercials Corner #9

Hey Moonies! Here we are bringing you another dose of Japanese commercials! First off, we came across a shorter version of Keiko Kitagawa’s Docomo 2.0 commercial for DCMX id. DCMX id is a service that allows your cell phone to carry your credit card information, so all you have to do is touch it to a special sensor to pay! The last one was a minute long, this one is half that. Enjoy!

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And this milk commercial was so nuts we had to feature it off of our list!

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Best of the Rest:
Another Nissin Freedom Project Commercial!
Japanese Pain Relieving Patch!
Ayumi Hamasaki’s Latest Single, Glitter/Fated!
PS3- Everybody’s Golf 5!
PS3- Wangan Midnight!
Pocari Sweat featuring a member of popular Idol Group, SMAP!
Fully Furnished Rental Suite!
Itoen Plum Juice!
Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star!
Liese Citron Scented Hair Water!
Another Heartwarming Tokyo Subway Commercial!
Soken Bicha!
Toyota Ractis Commercial!
Karada Meguri-Cha!
Nintendo DS Game Subarashiki Kono Sekai!
Calpis Commercial!

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