Commercials Corner #8

Hey Moonies…here come 22 Commercials! We’ve even got some special commercials uploaded because some of us at Moon Chase! are very devastated over the breakup of Ayumi Hamasaki and Tomoya Nagase *sniffle*. Poor Ayu looked like she was ready to burst into tears when she performed her latest single Fated on Music Fighter last week. And there’s an older Keiko Kitagawa commercial near the end. Without further ado…

Another Axe Commercial , this time on a bus with plastic armymen!
Japanese Music Service, serving Ayu’s new single.
Docomo 2.0 Commercial featuring Tomoya Nagase and Tadanobu Asano!
Koda Kumi endorses Kose Visee!
This auto shop commercial reminded us of the Mario Brothers!
Why buy real limes when you can buy lime mints?
Nissan Serena!
Coffee Blendy!
A commercial for the animated film, Renaissance.
Turmeric Energy Drink!
Softbank Agent loses her voice!
Japanese girls swoon over dish washer!
A commercial for the upcoming movie, Piano no Mori!
Got Athlete’s Foot? Try this!
Did these guys buy enough tea?
Minute Maid juice commercial springs bouncy moods and flowers!
Lemon Cooler Commercial!
Introducing the whole cast of the Docomo 2.0 campaign (includes Keiko Kitagawa)
Cell Phone pays for toilet paper!
Tomoya Nagase and Anna Tsuchiya bump into each other at a restaurant!
The most boring commercial we’ve ever seen – a water heater recall.
** We originally weren’t going to feature this commercial, but after we read of his tumultuous life story and heard a few tunes, we don’t think he’s half bad! Fans into R&B should give this guy a listen!**

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