Commercials Corner #7!

Several this time around for you all to enjoy!

First though, for all you Keiko Kitagawa (PGSM Sailor Mars) fans, we have a new commercial! This comes from the Docomo 2.0 cell phone series, and features Keiko going to a club called Pinky Punky, along with two men dressed in pink!

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And the 21 others we came across were…

A Japanese 7-11 Commercial!
Suntory AWA’s Drink with Ai Kato!
A Japanese Axe Commercial which puts a woman in the mood…
and later, wanting to punish him with her belt!
Another Cameron Diaz Cell Phone Commercial!
A phone that detects you boxing!
Flaming Cooks for a Job Magazine!
A Flaming Shoe Seller for the same Job Magazine!
Japanese Water Removal/Cleanup Commercial!
Hair Care Counselling Line for Men!
Hitachi Cell Phone Commercial!
JAA service to Taiwan!
Koda Kumi sings We Will Rock You and endorses new lemon drink!
This coffee drink reminds us of Kool Aid Bursts!
Japanese Salad Mac from McDonald’s!
Another Softbank talking dog commercial!
Take the train to the Angry Demon River!
Japanese Sprite Zero Commercial!
Suzuki Cervo!
Toyota Vitz!
Volvic Japan and Unicef program to help bring clean water to Mali!

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