Commercials Corner #4

Moon Chase! once again brings you Japanese Commercials!
Click here for our second set of commercial finds!

For fans who didn’t know, Suntory’s Let’s Diet Water was not the only commercial Keiko Kitagawa filmed! She is also part of a new commercial campaign for NTT DoCoMo (Japan’s most popular mobile phone carrier). She can be seen in a series of shorts, commercials, and making-ofs on the site. One of last week’s commercials featured her at near the 14 second mark, simply saying “Hai” in a pink outfit.

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This week, we have a second one, and she is the shy one in the white bermuda shorts and red, pink and white floral top! What’s even more astounding is how this phone works almost like a Wiimote!

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Also in these commercials is popular J-pop superstar Anna Tsuchiya, who we see here in a commercial for a karaoke service called Premier DAM.

And the rest…

Daikin Industries (which makes Air Conditioners and other chemical and hydraulic products in Japan), presents an environmentally friendly commercial!
When we see commercials like this, we wonder why we can’t find cooler phones in North America.
This chocolate is supposed to be “mind-relaxing”!
The scary pandas are back, this time with a scantily clad drummer!
A bank commercial with a very smart and verbose dog!
An old man with a blonde mohawk talks about sake!
A girl plays Ninja Gaiden 3 on the PS3!
Pringles Gourmet – the perfect snack for any musician!
Nissin anime OVA commercial!
Japanese Lemon Drink Commercial with a Pirates theme!
A classy Toyota commercial!

EDIT: Today (June 15th) we came across some more!
Pea beer!
Low Calorie Ice Cream!
Suujin Taisen (Nintendo DS)
The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass!
Pocari Sweat’s new Eco-Bottle!
Wandering Kitty advertises travel site!
Austin Powers-esque Beer Commercial!
One whacked-out banana commercial!
A car commercial with a token Hello Kitty at the end?!
Buy a Toyota because they are Kawaii!
Convenience Store Shopping!

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