Commercials Corner #28 – Mega Commercial Blowout Edition!

Hey, Moonies! Commercials are finally back on track. It’s been a wild ride. We’re rewarding you all for your patience this week with TONS OF COMMERCIALS! Up first is all the new stuff I’ve been promising and below that you can relive the moments that were posted before.

— New Stuff —

First up is a really weird commercial for a lottery game tied into a bicycle marathon:

Sushi on bikes!

And DoCoMo has some cute commercials as well, two of them with a cover of The Beatles’ “All you need is love”:

And the other.

All the rest:
DoCoMo Douga double header!
Match Soda!
Round 1 Sports and Entertainment Center!
Fumakilla Mosquito Repellent w/ TOKIO!
Regain Energy Drink!
Rohto Lycee Eyedrops!
Sekisuiheim Real Estate!
Kirin Fire Beer!
Tokyo Disney!
Glico Watering Kissmint Gum!

— Older stuff —

Only one feature so far, in the hopes that the next batch will contain something really good: Marionettes and Axe Body Spray!

Best of the Rest:

Hitachi WOOO HD TVs!
Super Autobacs Tires!
Epson Colorio Printer!
Schick Intuition Plus razor!
The Hunting Party Trailer!
Asahi Draft Beer!
Mazda Premacy!
Minute Maid Banana Juice!

Sailordees’ Bunch!

Hi everyone! I desperately searched for a commercial for The Dark Knight in honor of this site’s new layout but I couldn’t find one anywhere. I have been told by one of our translators, White Tiger King (who’s getting married today!) that there are commercials on the air, but I suspect that the commercials will air more frequently soon as the movie is officially released on the 9th of August. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it, you will not be disappointed! I plan on seeing it a third time in a few weeks.

I have a few feature commercials this time around!

Keiko Kitagawa (PGSM Sailor Mars)for Glico Pallitte ice cream and Breo breath mints!

And I also found a commercial for Shaolin Girl. This movie features Miyuu Sawai but I don’t spot her anywhere in the trailer (unless she’s somewhere behind the main characters).

And this one is my pick for weirdest commercial. It’s mostly in English, so you will all be able to understand what everyone is saying. This is supposed to be a commercial about wind power, but the mechanical whale flying out of the water is just odd.

And now for the rest:

# Asahi Super Dry!
# Aquarius Freestyle!
# Chicks Fighting For Chocolate Covered Almonds (1 + 2)!
# Ajinomoto MSG!
# Aeon Mizugi Magic!
# Aya Kamiki Summer Memories!
* Black Boss Beer Commercial!
* Best of Detective Conan 3!
* Beauteen Hair Color!
* Eyeful Home!
* AU Southern All Stars on Lismo!
* Aube Eyeshadow!
* AU Fields and Spades!
* Kao Asience!
* Aquarius Zero!
* Asahi Beer!
* Nissin Cup Noodle (1 + 2)!
* Maruchan Ramen!
* Crystal Kay – Color Change!
* Coke Zero Soccer!
* Japanese Coca Cola Olympics Commercial!
* Boy Band Ramen Commercial!
* Blaune Hair Color!
* Panasonic Foma!
* Fanta Zero!
* Kyocera “La Bamba”!
* Tokyo Girls Collection Hair Extensions (1, 2, + 3)!
* Evian 6 Week Challenge!
* Eneos Dr. Drive!
* Eheya Apartment Rentals!
* Mister Donut!
* Itoen Juice (1, 2, +3)!
* 923923 Insurance Commercial!
* 2634 Insurance Commercial!
* Hythiol-C!
* The Incredible Hulk!
* Honda Airwave and Stream!
* Xylitol Gummi!
* McDonald’s Green Tea Oreo Flurry and Pork and Cheese Cutlet!
* Glico Papico!
* Fruite Creamy Fruity Dessert!
# Kao Pyuora Toothpaste!
# Kao Liese and Asience!
# Kao Beach Bubble Cool!
# JT Green Tea!
# JR Trains
# Japan Dream Baseball!
# Suntory Iyemon (1 + 2)!
* Face Care!
* Koda Kumi for Gillette Venus Breeze!
* Kobayashi Breath Care and Easy Fiber!
* KFC Red Hot Summer!
* Kirin Zero Beer!
* Henshin Phone!
* Lismo Video!
* Kanebo Kate!
* Karada Meguricha!
* Kao Sofina!
* Naifu – Take The Wave!
* Muscle Relief Pain Patches!
* Lux Hair Products!
* Lucky Cider with Kirakira Sparkle!
* Lotte Coolish and Gyu Gyu!
* Lotte Plus X Featuring Kat-Tun!
* Lotte Big Watermelon Popsicle!
* Kao Liese!
* Quick Wiper!
* Nissin U.F.O. Ramen!
* Nissan X-Trail!
* Nissay Life You May Dream with Ai Otsuka!
* Nissan Note!
* Nissan Dualis!
* NEC Cell Phone Ad!
* Namie Amuro – Vidal Sassoon 80’s!
* Natchan Orange Juice!
* Kirin Namacha (1 + 2)!
* PSP Yakyu Baseball (1, 2, + 3)!
* Metal Gear Solid 4 (1 + 2)!
* Ponds Skincare!
* Pocari Sweat!
* Pizza-La with Cheese Sauce!(1 + 2)!
* Pepsi Nex!
* SK-II Facial Treatment Essence!
* Sharp Cell Phone!
* Shaolin Girl Trailer!
* Rising Sun Rock Festival!
* Remix Speed!
* Honda Zest w/ Koda Kumi!
* Quicksilver!
* Quick Wiper!
* Puffy – My Story!
* Softbank Runaway!
* Softbank en Francais!
* Softbank The Premium Waterproof with Cameron Diaz (1 + 2)!
* Softbank Pantone Slide with Cameron Diaz (1 + 2)!
* Softbank Tropical!
* Softbank Tennis!
* SMAP vs Family Pocari Sweat Commercial!
* A New SMAP Lip Gloss Commercial!
* Vitamin Water!
* Visa Pig Plushie!
* Ururucha!
* UGA Karaoke Party Station!
* Tokyo Star Bank!
* Tama Home!
* Genki Suzuki Motorcycles!
* Soken Bicha!
* Lotte Soh Ice Cream!
* Zespri Golden Kiwis!
* Xylitol Neo Gum!
* Star Ocean – The Last Hope XBox 360!
* Ninja Gaiden 2 for the XBox 360 (1 + 2)!
* Wii + FLETS!
* What Happens in Vegas!
* Mineral Jelly!
* Kose Visee with Koda Kumi!
* Watering Kissmint with Yui!

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