Commercials Corner #26

Hey Moonies! In contrast to my week early post last time, imeem ended up having some technical problems this weekend which delayed this batch of commercials. But, they’re back and so are we with your biweekly fix!

And, we have a treat for you this time! Another DoCoMo Keiko sighting!

Oops, forgot to mention she’s only cardboard. But she’s real in this one!

Puuchokun is just too cute not to show you~

And, one of the members of SMAP has been shrunk again, this time stuck in someone’s purse!

And, also in a picnic basket!

Best of the Rest:

A trio of Biore products!
A quartet of beer!
Sony Cyber Shot Camera!
Vidal Sassoon!
Mario Kart Wii!
VW Polo!
A trio of treats from Glico!
Asahi Cocktail Partner!
Haagen Dazs!
Asahi Breakfast Bar!
DHC Chilled Delicate Cream!
Toyota Crown!
Mintia Shock!
SoftBank w/ Matt Damon!
Butena Rock V!
These pigs want you to eat pork!
Sony Bravia TV!
Volvic Bottled Water!
SoftBank shows us everything their characters have been through!
Schick Quattro!
Sapporo Viva!Life!
McDonalds Snack Time!
Menicon Premio Contacts!
Toyota Vanguard!
Green Tea!
Shiseido Anessa!
Uniqlo UT!
Men’s Beauteen!
SoftBank w/ Cameron Diaz!
Eskimo Parm Bar!

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