Commercials Corner #25

Hey Moonies! Number 25 is coming at you a little early. I’ll be gone next weekend, so I’m giving the schedule a nudge over by a week. This update also marks the last of the leftovers, the commercials are now fresh and vibrant again!

Featured commercial number one is of the usual Softbank cast, but this time our favorite dog is not so much the main star!

And another Softbank commercial!

If Kirin founded a city, I think it would look something like this:

Finally, Soyjoy has a new flavor, but this actress doesn’t seem too keen on being the mascot, at least at first.

Best of the Rest:

Panasonic Viera 920P phone!
Casio W61CA Phone!
A lonely girl calls home in this DoCoMo 2.0 commercial!
Panasonic Blu-Ray player!
A fashion magazine!
Anime Music Collection!
☼ A slew of commercials from Shiseido: Elixir Superieur, Haku2, Tsubaki shampoo, Uno Scrub king wash!
Sedes pain relief products!
Sony W62S phone!
More awesomeness from DoCoMo 2.0!
Lux hair care marines!
Yebisu The Hop beer!
Quiksilver surf clothing!
Butena Rock athlete’s foot spray from Hisamitsu!
Suntory Awa’s Dry (Always hold onto your towel)!
Spring Waltz Pachinko!
Intel Core 2 Duo and Samurai!
Contac 600plus!
Sony Alpha350 camera!
Freshers Business clothes!
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G!
Karoyan Gush!
T-UP from Toyoya!
Kirin Nodogoshi-up!
A roller coaster of unknown nameage!
The colorful Honda Today Scooter!
Men’s Biore facial wash!

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