Commercials Corner #24

Hey Moonies! This is the last time you’ll have to hear me say we’re almost back on track!! The next time I post commercials, they will be current! On to the features!

First up, everyone’s favorite Softbank Dog is back once again!

In fact, he’s back twice! Along with Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt!

A bit late to be new news, but the first of the new Evangelion movie series has hit Japan!

And, finally Qracian plumbing with claymation!

Best of the Rest:

Goo Auto Magazines!
A doubleheader for MAST, a real estate company!
Bausch & Lomb ReNu!
Gillette Fusion with Tiger Woods!
DoCoMo 2.0!
Kirin Zero light beer!
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption on Wii!
Vidal Sassoon!
e-ma cough drop candies!
Lemon Water!
Shiseido doubleheader!
Mitsubishi and Pretty Woman!
Wonda Premium Coffee!
Hitachi WOOO Phone!
Subaru Stella Revesta!
Aussie Beef Bowls!
Suntoru Gomamugicha sesame seed and barley tea!
Xylish gum!
Cool Jazz Collection!
Uniqlo Jeans!
Goodyear Tires!
KFC wrap!
Nextzone Pachinko!
Disney Mobile!
Dunlop Tires!
McDonalds Premium Roast Coffee!
Yokohama Earth1 Tires!
Kanebo Freeplus!
Suica Cell Phones and Penguins!
Intel Core 2 Duo!
AU Phones!
Ninja Gaiden doubleheader!
Prettia foaming hair dye!
Vegete vegetable drink!
Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend!
Nikon D300!
Red Bull!
Willcom Phones!

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