Commercials Corner #23

Hey Moonies! We’re nearly back on track here at the commercials corner, A couple more updates and we’ll be all caught up. These commercials are coming at you from the tail end of January and the start of February.

Featured commercial number one is for Lupin the Third fans: The Tower of Lupinus Pachinko Machine!

These monkeys love their Emobile cellular Internets!

Last up is a commercial for an auto care company. I know that’s how SUVs look to me driving down the road!

Best of the Rest:

☼ A pair of commercials for Aisin, with some cute kids playing the auto engineers 1 + 2 !
Fujitsu Foma 705i!
Final Fantasy 4 DS!
Takagi Water Filter!
Century 21!
☼ A pair of commercials for Mr. Donut’s new Rich Cream donuts 1 + 2 !
The calm Aflac duck is back and giving a back massage!
Georgia Cafe Espresso!
Samsung PHOTOS Phone!
Mad’s Hair products!
Panasonic P705i!
ABLE Ltd.!
Earth Movie Trailer!
A pair of Panasonic HD Camcorders!
Suzuki Landy!
MacBook Air!
Manga No Tatsujin Book!
Suntory Boss Coffee!
Suzuki Palette!
DHC Bottled Water!
Norshin Pure Pain Reliever!
Toyota Corolla Fielder!
Sharp AU Aquos Phone!
☼ A pair of commercials for Devil May Cry 4, one for the Xbox360 version and one generic one for all platforms 1 + 2 !
Lotte Xylitol Gum!
DoCoMo 2.0 for the new 705i series phones!
Jumper Trailer!
Van Houten Dear Cacao Chocolate!
Fantastic 4 DVD!
Sapporo Draft One Beer and Sandwiches!
Fujitsu Laptop!
7-11 Bentos!
Toyota Lapis!

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  1. Starlicious Says:

    This is a great blog. I’m glad I found it.

  2. sailordees Says:

    I’m glad you enjoy it! We try to have something for everyone here!

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