Commercials Corner #22

Hey Moonies! It’s been a little while, but I’m back again after a move across town and with a new batch of commercials! We’re still playing catchup here, and these come from the first couple weeks of January.

First up on our features, we have a treat for PGSM fans! Keiko Kitagawa appears again for DoCoMo 2.0!

Next, this one is dedicated to our friend UltraMatt who helps us out with information on Tokusatsu shows. Now you know what Ultraman does in his spare time!

Last up is a commercial for some milk. I couldn’t make out the brand name in it’s split second flash at the end, even pausing on the final frames, but the rest of the commercial was so cute, I had to share it!

Best of the Rest:

Stretchy Bandaids!
Lumix FX35 Camera with Ayumi Hamasaki!
Super Mario Galaxy!
A DoCoMo 2.0 cafe magic show!
Nicorette Coolmint!
Pantene Pro-V!
Kirin Sparkling Hop Beer!
Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
Danon Bio yogurt!
Ace Combat 6!
National Treasure 2 Trailer!
Sweeny Todd starring Johnny Depp!
A slew of OTC products from Kowa!
☼ A pair of commercials for Ukon No Cikara energy drink 1 + 2 !
Two soups from House foods!
Drewell Sleep Aid!
Wonda Morning Shot!
Clorets Ice!
☼ A pair of commercials from Suzuki featuring three cars 1 + 2 !
McWrap For Breakfast!
Mr. Bean!
Nike Plus!
Knorr Creamed Corn Soup!
Tamago Double Mac!
Mr. Donut!
McDonalds Shaka Shaka Chicken!

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