Commercials Corner #19

Hey Moonies,

It seems Veoh is having another fit this morning and keeps kicking me out of the video upload page. We’ve got a good-sized list of them this week, but I was only able to get four of them uploaded. I’ll give it another go tomorrow morning and in the mean time, here are the first four:

Update: Now that Veoh is being nice, the rest of the commercials are uploaded and ready for your enjoyment! First up, our three features:

The latest DoCoMo 2.0 commercial featuring some Sousa for background music!

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The newest SoftBank commercial, again featuring one of the SoftBank dogs!

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A interesting Rube Goldberg device for apple picking from Minute Maid!

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And the rest:
Playstation 3!
Kirin Hard Juice!
Listerine with some very upset dental instruments!
Super Mario Galaxy!
☼ Four commercials for Shiseido’s hair care products! 1, 2, 3, 4
DHC for Men skincare!
Wonda Black Coffee!
Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend and a giveaway contest!
Lipton Yellow Label Tea!
Vicks Medicated Drops!
Ace Combat 6 for Xbox 360!
Coke Zero!
☼ Two products from House Foods Noodle cups and Hokkaido Stew!
Nissin Soup cups!
Essential Hair care!
Celine Dion!
Uniqlo Heattech clothing!
Mens’ suits from Aoki!
Diehard 4.0 trailer!
National Treasure 2 trailer!
Mr. Donut!
Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland!

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