Commercials Corner #18 and an announcement

Shocking laptops and the art of fruit!

First up is the announcement:

Unfortunately, due to spamming as well as some comment system bugs we are disabling comments on all of our commercials on Veoh. We’ve determined the likely cause of spam comments we are unable to delete, but the problem will have to be fixed by Veoh themselves and given the amount of time the problem has existed, this doesn’t seem likely. We’re pretty sure that any comment which includes a link breaks Veoh’s comment system as all of the broken comments have this in common.

The flip side of this latest irksome annoyance is that over the holiday season we hope to be moving our videos to a new host: Imeem! Before we commit to this move, we want to make sure there won’t be any problems, so for now we’d appreciate your help in checking out the functionality. Please watch the SuperS OP, taken from a search for Sailor Moon on Imeem and make sure you don’t have any problems viewing it. You shouldn’t need anything different than if your were watching videos on Youtube or Veoh, but we want to make sure.

If you have any problems, visit Imeem’s help first and if you still can’t get it working, drop us a line at In the meantime, you will still be able to comment directly on Moonchase! so feel free to! And now, onto the commercials!

Picks of the Week:

First up is a commercial for the FMV Biblio Laptop. Its features make the salesperson and then the customer very excited!

Online Videos by

Next, this blender would make a lot of juice for Kagome!

Online Videos by

Finally, a pair of commercials from Visa, taking “you are what you eat” to the next level!

Online Videos by

Online Videos by

And now for the rest!
An anti-anxiety pill.
Aquarion Pachinko!
☼ Asience Cosmetics! 1, 2 & 3
☼ Classical Japanese styled cell phone CMs! 1, 2
Kowa cooling gel!
The popular Panasonic Viera!
Daikin air conditioners.. in the Winter?!
Fiora home decor!
Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water!
Hitachi DVD and HD camcorders!
Kirin Sparkle Cocktails!
Lotte Fruit Bars!
☼ New DoCoMo 2.0 CMs! 1, 2
Nissin Freedom Project!
Nissin Miso Queen!
☼ Two new SoftBank CMs with Brad Pitt! 1, 2
☼ And another two from SoftBank! 1, 2
Tokyo Station City Wonderland!
A doubleheader Suzuki Commercial!
Toyota Vitz + Maroon 5!
Trailer for Stardust!
Wii Treasure Island game!
DoCoMo 2.0 at work!
Lux Shampoo and Conditioner!
New DS Mystery Game!
Epson Preamio TV and DVD projector!
Niisan Note!
PureVision Contacts from Bausch & Lomb!
The Brave One trailer!
The Invasion trailer!
Sapporo Draft One Beer!
Georgia Vintage Label Coffee!
X-trail Jam at the Tokyo Dome!
The new Final fantasy Tactics A2!
Carat Cat food!
Brother Justio Printer!
Contac Sinus medicine!
7-11 Bentos!
Alex Rider Trailer!
Mitsubishi Gallant!
Astoria Premier Coffee!
Sunstar Gum!
Bourne Ultimatum trailer!
A doubleheader for the Suzuki Lapin and Wit!

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