Commercials Corner #17

Sentai, Columbo and lots of food!

Although this will be the second time I’ve posted commercials, it’s the first time for me as the official commercial guy. So, I bring you Japanese commercials, The Me style! (Any similarity to the original style is purely coincidental.)

Picks of the Week:

My first pick is the new DoCoMo commercial. This Sentai daydream goes horribly, comedically wrong.

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Next up is an oldie, Columbo on DVD!

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Finally, a pair of commercials for Roots coffee drink. This would be embarrassing to do in front of a prospective employer:

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But, it looks like he got the job, however unqualified.

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And now for the rest!
The BMB Pandas go to the movies, sort of.
Trailer for Good Shepherd!
Choushoku Yogurt and a very sleepy girl!
Epson Printer Speed Run!
Sony Ericsson and some odd fashion statements!
Colgen IB, cold, cough and headache relief with a side of caffeine!
Air Arrange hairspray!
Häagen-Dazs! :3
Clorets XP!
Lotte Spash gum! (I’m not missing the ‘l’, they are. :P)
Schick Quattro 4 Titanium!
Hey ANA!
Rohto wants to protect your skin!
Bike is life!
Cakonal 2!
E2 Sports Network!
Asahi Kasei Engineers!
Gatsby Moving Rubber!
JP Bank Farming!
Lux Shampoo!
Menard Beauty Products!
Pocky Ninjas!
Indestructible Panahome!
PASCO Restaurant!
Pirate Pachinko!
Japanese Rimmel Commercial!
Seaman 2!
More Rohto Skincare!
SoyJoy Snack Bar!
Suntory Cocktail!
A couple of home products!
Toyota Mark-X and T-Up!
Halloween themed Toyota Netz Commercial!
West Side Story!

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