Commercials Corner #16!

They Return With a Vengeance!

Despite our problems with Veoh, we are going to continue to bring these to you as much as we can. To our fans still having problems viewing the videos, please bear with us until the end of the year, that’s when we plan to do a massive overhaul and find a new video streaming site. Again, if you see any problems we haven’t addressed before, please let us know by sending us an email at

Picks of the Week:

Shoko Nakagawa is co-host of a new show in Japan, Cinderella’s Holiday. It’s basically a travel show where the “bullet traveler” goes to see different companies. The show began last Saturday, and the first place they traveled to was France. You’ll see her at the end of this commercial.

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And who knew chocolate and potatoes could make such an appetizing snack?

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This guy’s karaoke is worthy of a Grammy (*sarcasm*). Apparently men like listening to sappy love songs too in Japan!

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And lastly, this wins the award for cutest commercial this week!

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And now for the rest!
AU 1/2 Price Cell Phone Plans!
Canada Dry Commercial!
Kitchen Magic Clean!
Contact Lens Solution!
Daikin wants to be Environmentally Friendly!
Docomo Phones on Sale!
Doraemon for Nexco!
Double Header of Honda Commercials!
☼ Dydo Dynamic Coffee 1 + 2.
Shinoha Life!
Fabric Softener Commercial!
Pachinko Commercial!
Collagen Elastin Drink!
Amacha Green Tea!
Cute Housing Commercial!
Inside the Kingdom Movie Trailer!
Another KFC Commercial!
Lucido Style-Up Foam!
Archaic Sealed Heat for Nintendo DS!
Lipton Chiffon featuring Namie Amuro!
Suntory Natchan Raspberry Soda!
Nikon Coolpix!
Nissin Donbei!
Kaunet Office Supplies!
Oronamin-C with Jackie Chan!
Parco Sale!
Kikkoman Pork Ramen!
Pringles Gourmet!
Weider Power Bar!
Saison Card!
Schoolgirls heart Pocky!
Senko Logistics!
Shiho X Human!
Silver PSP!
Another Sobagen Pachinko Commercial!
New Softbank Commercial!
Sony Cybershot!
Spooky Tokyo Disney Halloween!
Boyband Ramen Commercial!
Trailer for War/Rogue Assassin!

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