Commercials Corner #14!

Hey Moonies! Because we have deprived you of this feature for longer than we had intended, we’ve got a whopping blowout of 50 COMMERCIALS FOR YOUR WATCHING PLEASURE ! We recommend going to our channel and watching them all one after the other. The first one that we uploaded with this bunch is the 7-11 Commercial, and the last one is the Nissin Ramen Commercial (with Egg). It will likely play these commercials in reverse order so you may need to start at the Nissin one. We’ve also got commercials with popstars like Ayumi Hamasaki and Anna Tsuchiya!

Picks of the Week:

We haven’t spotted any new Docomo 2.0 commercials, but we have three top picks for you all this week! The first one comes from our favorite Idol, Shoko Nakagawa! Here she is showing how wonderful Essential Hair Care Products are!

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The second is a surprising commercial for Final Fantasy 12‘s International Edition with the Zodiac Job System! Are we invited to that gaming marathon?

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The third goes for quite possibly the strangest piece of excercise equipment we have ever seen. It’s a horse saddle, and riding it is supposed to work your abs. It’s just a little creepy.

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And now, the other 47!
Aidem Job Recruiter!
Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest single Talkin’ 2 Myself featured in new Panasonic Lumix Commercial!
Bladestorm PS3 Collector’s Edition!
Lady Borden Ice Cream!
Badly Dubbed Bridgestone Tires Commercial!
Crazy Commercial for Chocolate Almonds!
Cup Noodle With Real Meat and Vegetables!
WARNING MAY BE A LITTLE NSFW! Quentin Tarantino wants you to see Grindhouse’s Deathproof!
Dove Pro-Age!
Mode Fashion School with a song from Puffy!
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates for Nintendo DS!
Another FLET’S Commercial!
Kikorin’s Forest!
Meiji’s Fran is like a Pocky Imitator?
Frosted Flakes!
Remember a while ago we told you about the Life-Sized Gundam at Fuji-Q Amusement Park? Here’s a commercial for that park!
Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Product for Men!
Hitachi Rice Cooker and Range!
Housekeeping Diary for Nintendo DS!
An Innovative Bathtub Drain!
Kaidan Movie Trailer Featuring Ayumi Hamasaki’s Fated!
Kamen Rider Pachinko #1!
Kamen Rider Pachinko #2!
Ketsunopolis 5!
Lotte Ice Cream!
Toyota Vitz Commercial Featuring Maroon 5’s Upcoming Single Won’t Go Home Without You!
Merries Diapers!
Miffy Promotion at Lawson Market!
Naive Bath Products!
Nissin Ramen Commercial with a Kitsune!
Obesity Pill!
Honda Odyssey!
Panasonic SD Camcorder!
Pinky Magazine for Teens!
Sakuran Trailer with Anna Tsuchiya!
What Does a Superhero Do Without Red Bull?
Sengoku Musou 2 for PS2!
Fake SMAP Commercial!
Sobagen Pachinko!
Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Talk About Insurance!
Utada Hikaru’s A Beautiful World for the New Evangelion Movie!
Vibrating Weight Loss Belt!
Love It or Hate It Volvo Commercial!
Lei Wedding Magazine!
Nexon RPGs!
Nissin Ramen Commercial With Egg!

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