Commercials Corner #13

Hey Moonies,

We’ve got a small batch of commercials for you this week, made a bit shorter for the time being because Veoh seems to be having trouble with a few of the videos. We have a total of twelve for you, seven now and five later. I’ll be back this evening after work to try and fix the last five and link them up for you.

Fortunately, our feature commercial works just fine, we found another Docomo 2.0 commercial with Keiko Kitagawa!

Online Videos by

And, the rest:
Fancy footwork in an Aidem commercial!
A Promo for Sicko by Michael Moore!
Two more commercials with the SoftBank dogs: one and two!
A dishwasher who needs his CuCute rinse agent (Like Jet-Dry)!
In Japan, Sprite gives you wings!

Here are the other five as promised:
A commercial for a water park I was unable to identify. EDIT: It’s for Tokyo Summerland!
A promo for Rush Hour 3!
A Lemon Water commercial with a reverse shuffleboard game?
A promo for The Fantastic 4!
Some rockin’ pandas for BMB, part of the Usen Group telecom company.

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