Commercials Corner #12

We tried to pull out the best of commercials we could this week but our sources were pretty drier than usual. Our pick of the week is for a theatrical anime called Vexille, which is set to open next week. We are fascinated with the smoothness of the animation in this one and we think it could be next year’s big anime hit – it will be premiering very soon at the Toronto International Film Festival. And, we unearthed a small connection to Sailor Moon in this movie! Toshiyuki Morikawa plays Kisaragi in this film, but he also played the object of Mimete’s “affections” in episode 115 of the S Series, Soap Opera Star Yuu Kazama!

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The Rest:
Pepsi Nex!
World’s Kitchen Inspired Lemon and Ginger Drinks!
Blu-Ray Camcorder!
Tama Home!
Jasmine Tea!
Daniel Radcliffe wants you to see Harry Potter!
Watering Kissmint!
Kimono by Kyoto!
Lotte Black Black Energy Gum!
Baskin Robbins!
Life Card!
Men’s Hair Dye!
Softbank Dogs!
FLET’S Broadband – we mentioned them to you earlier this week!

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