Commercials Corner #11

Hey Moonies! We’ve got commercials galore once again, and since there’s been so much Shoko Nakagawa news lately, we thought we’d make her Ramen commercial our pick of the update! We’re not sure which anime the pose is from at the end, but we’d have preferred a Sailor Moon pose just for kicks hehe ^_^.

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The rest:
A Moving Truck and a Bus all in one!
Glico Breo!
Cats in Japan!
Camellia Diamonds!
Another Cameron Diaz Softbank Commercial!
Amacha Green Tea!
Hitachi Vacuums!
Japan Travel Board!
Lotte Coolish!
Lotte Relax!
Menopause Pill!
Naruto Shippuden Commercial!
Nisshin Real Estate!
Cooking Oil Commercial!
Longer version of Pocari Sweat X SMAP commercial featuring living dinosaur skeletons!
Portable Bug Killer!
Kawaii puppies in a fabric softener commercial!
Japanese Plumber Commercial!
Return of the Mega Mac!
Sega Bear Claw Machines!
Farmers in a chemical company commercial!
Musical chemical company commercial!
WARNING: MAY BE A LITTLE NSFW! Sumo Pachinko Commercial
Another one for Tokyo Disney!
Touch Bomberland DS!
Another Tsutaya Discas Commercial!

EDIT: Here come a few more!
Temakizushi commercial from FamilyMart!
Don’t forget insurance!
A study aid for the DS in Japan!
Chicken Nuggets!
Caramel Oreo McFlurry!
Pain Relief Commercial!
The cutest commercial for The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass!

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