Comic-Con to Feature Guests from Kodansha and Random House!

For Covers of Sailor Moon Vol.1 and Codename: Sailor V Vol. 1our Moonie fans who are headed to San Diego’s Comic Con from July 21-24, we have an appearance that you might want to attend!  Though there is no one appearing related to the Sailor Moon anime this year, there are two very important people attending related to the Sailor Moon manga.  The first is Dallas Middaugh, an Associate Publisher at Random House who is handling a lot of the aspects of the upcoming Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V releases (side note: also one of our Moon Chase contacts!), and Kumi Shimizu, the General Manager of Kodansha Comics USA.  Their panel will also have information about other upcoming manga titles alongside Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V such as Bloody Monday, Cage of Eden, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shugo Chara Chan! and Love Hina.  This panel will be in Room 23ABC from 4:00-5:00 PM on Thursday, July 21st.  Any moonies who are able to attend Comic-Con, please let us know how the panel goes!  For more information please check out the official schedule here.  Fans can check out information about all of Kodansha’s upcoming titles at the official website for Kodansha Comics USA here.

And on another side note, people and companies involved with the anime, video game, and manga are fully aware of (and dismayed by) fan translations of Sailor Moon works.  It has been a topic of communication between us and them in the last month. Please do your part to support official releases – many are hurt over what is happening in the fandom (and even we were surprised to learn how well fingers were placed on the pulse of the fandom from those we have communicated with).  A common thread between all the conversations we have had is that the people who are trying to bring you Sailor Moon are hurt by these efforts and wonder if they are real fans who are doing this, because real fans wouldn’t try to take away from official releases now that they are a reality.  We were further surprised when we learned who exactly knew about all of these translations, and we can’t imagine their pain at this moment. We haven’t really known what to say in the face of this because we’re not the ones doing it, and we can’t make it stop, but we thought we’d pass along the message of “Yes they know about these translations and they are hurt, so please don’t support unofficial releases.”

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  1. Konekodesu Says:

    If there is going to be an accurate, uncut version of manga published in U.S., then Random House and Kodansha needn’t worry about fan translations interfering with sales (even more so if the Japanese cultural aspects are maintained, such as in names, and honorifics). There was no news for YEARS, and Sailor Moon projects had been butchered so badly in the past, English speaking fans weren’t left with very many options but to take it upon themselves. That’s a failure on Kodansha and Random House’s parts to communicate with us, so don’t blame the fans for being desperate.

    As someone who’s followed extensively any fan efforts to translate and bring to an American audience online, I can also say with 99.9% certainty there are NO ongoing efforts by fans to translate the series, and the most successful fan-project to-date had been dropped almost two years ago after only 2 volumes.

    I am ecstatic to seeing these finally be released State-side with all the integrity of the original versions maintained. I will be first in line for each volume, and I know many friends who feel the same.

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