Chieko Kawabe launches cookbook, plus Seiyu Awards announcement.

It turns out that Naoko Takeuchi is not the only person in the world of Sailor Moon that is publically involved in the making of bento lunches. Chieko Kawabe (Sailor Mercury in Sera-Myu and Naru Osaka in PGSM) recently announced on her Twitter account the launch campaign for her new bento cookbook, titled Master Bento. Kawabe held a press conference as part of the campaign, where she opened up about her book to fans. During the press conference (attended by her husband, Masato Ochi), Kawabe prepared a baked ginger dish for those in attendance. Kawabe posted on her blog that while she was initially nervous about the appearance, the warmth of the audience made it a pleasant experience overall.

Kawabe, who is now seven months into pregnancy, also talked about the upcoming child with her fans, stating that the “fetal movement is superb” and that the child is a girl! Kawabe has picked a name for her first child; however she will not reveal the name until her baby is born.

Sailor Moon winners at the Seiyu Awards

The annual Seiyu Awards (one of the highest honors to be bestowed upon the voice actors in the anime industry) were recently announced and there were two winners in this year’s field who have ties to the Sailor Moon anime series. Masaya Onosaka, who portrayed Jaedite in the first Sailor Moon series, recently won the Best Personality Award for his work in various anime radio programs. Kikuko Inoue (Sailor Aluminum Siren in the final Sailor Moon series) won a Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal of Sanae Furukawa in the show Clannad’s After Story and Grace O’Connor in the show Macross Frontier. For more information on the award ceremony, visit

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