Chibi-Moonie Clothing Revealed!

Hey, Moonies! You may remember a recent article where we tabulated who was making what in Italy…well, the first pieces of merchandise are starting to surface. Italian Brands has just released their licensed apparel catalog for this season which features Sailor Moon! The line is all designed for young girls and is mainly tracksuits, sweatsuits and other activewear. The main color palette consists of navy blue, hot pink, white, mauve, and gray, and a lone green bandana. The line appears to be mainly cotton and/or jersey fabrics, which most moms know are kid friendly in the wash and wear department. We kinda wish that some of the shirts had some glittery shimmer accents to them.

Fans can visit Italian Brands’ site here, choose either English or Italian then click ‘Brands’ and finally click the Sailor Moon logo! These are scans of the actual catalog leaves, so the scanned pages are out of order. We are putting them in order for you below.

This kind of catalog acts as a showcase for stores so that buyers can choose what products they want to order. It is important to remember that these are prototypes at this point and the final products to hit stores might end up being a bit different.

It’s still exciting to see merchandise hit this stage of development and it gives us hope for the future of Sailor Moon around the world!


11 Responses to “Chibi-Moonie Clothing Revealed!”

  1. ~CyCyN~ Says:

    All I can say is… WOOOOOOOOOT!!!! XD!

  2. Senshi Says:

    Awesome!! I wish there were adult size shirts too, I would so buy them!!

  3. Sia_X_Joine Says:

    WOW!!! Man, I wish I had clothes like that!

  4. SailorCardKnight Says:

    Aw man, I totally want some of those shirts! Too bad they are kid sized, although unlike most people my age, I might be able to fit into these.

    I'm 21 and have a small-sized figure, so I can still sometimes fit into some of the larger-sized clothes for young girls. Its not always guaranteed though, and Italy most likely goes by a different size chart than the US, their largest size might not even fit me.

    That said, I might try buying one. I wonder if any of the italian online retailers selling these take USDs. Or many wait until someone starts making adult-sized ones.

  5. Sakky Says:

    Thing I love about being the build I am: I can probably fit into some of these *party* I hope at least a few of these make it to stores!!

  6. Keely Valentine Says:

    i need
    a shopping service

  7. Keely Valentine Says:

    Seriously, I need a way of getting this.

  8. Mini Wolfsbane Says:

    Dude! Where was that Tuxedo Mask
    background thing when I was 11 and had a huge crush on him?!
    (*cough* I think I still do have a crush, actually.)

    Anyway, Cool t-shirts. Here's hoping we get Sailor Moon back to America soon!!

  9. Sailor Moon dress up game Says:

    Nice clothing. After seeing it I am going to order some for my little niece. She is going to look so cute.

  10. ochibawolf Says:

    Someone needs to do some research on where we can purchase these online. Please and thank you <3

  11. Brock Says:

    Is it sad that i want all of those?! Hahaha…I also LOVE all the revamped draWings!

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