Summer 2011 Sailor Moon Cosplayers Galore!

Hi Moonies! We all feel the draught of nothing exciting to report in the Sailor Moon world this week (and we wish it were different). Some cosplayers have been in the news for dressing up like characters from Sailor Moon, so we’re going to share them with you!

First, a cosplayer from England named Katie Beckett who was mentioned in both English and German presses for her Super Sailor Moon costume at Nemacon in Middlesbrough, England!

Image Credit: Yahoo! Image Credit: Zeit

Second, we have more Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon at Los Angeles’ Anime Expo!

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times Hero Complex

Thirdly… who remembers Michelle Phan? She is famous for her makeup tutorials on Youtube, and received a fair amount of press about her Sailor Moon tutorial in the Japanese press. She was part of a special launch event for “YouTube NextUp”, an initiative by the popular video sharing site to help young animators get their work noticed in Japan. YouTube NextUp has a global reach for the next generation of content creators. If an animator’s submission wins, they will be able to work with the leading animators in the anime industry in Japan (but, you have to hurry as submissions are due by July 18th). At the launch, she gave some encouraging words to anyone interested in entering, that they have effort and show passion for their craft in their video. It’s nice to see her talking about something other than makeup!

Breaking News: New Sailor Moon Merchandise Licenses:

Via Sailor Moon World Italy (and some fans’ messages, thanks!), some new companies involved in merchandising have acquired licenses for Sailor Moon. These include two companies with US branches and one for France; Topps (Germany, Italy and America), Namco Bandai Games America, and Giochi Preziozi France. It is probably safe to infer that Topps will be releasing sticker books (and possibly cards), Giochi Preziozi France will release some (if not all) of the toys made in Italy, and NBGA is likely going to bring La Luna Splende to North America eventually. But, nothing is confirmed, and everyone should have waited for a press release. We have been advised from the companies to play it safe and wait for official word before posting anything like this, but given the criticism and heat we have had to face from some fans, we’re addressing it now as safely as we possibly can. We’ve featured a large photo below filled with cropped screenshots from Kazachok’s Web Guide.

What remains to be known (especially in France and North America), is if this is a sign that the release of the anime is imminent in either of these regions. There are a few other regions in the world that don’t have Sailor Moon either (Russia and Ukraine, to start). In a Japanese press release announcing the return of Sailor Moon to North America, Kodansha made note of how especially in North America, that without the release of the anime and other merchandise, that the manga may not experience the same “big boom” of the past*. We can’t speculate on the progress being made on the anime, due to certain statements made in the last 2 months from companies and representatives all around. We have to wonder if these new merchandising deals are some kind of a placeholder in between that will ultimately aid the anime when the time is right for it to return, while also tiding the release of the manga. Usually, the pattern in Sailor Moon licensing news has been anime first, merchandise and manga second. What do you think, Moonies?

*We had read this the day it was posted but didn’t post anything about it on Moon Chase because you fans were in such a happy mood and we didn’t want to damper the situation! Instead, we all discussed it amongst ourselves for a while and once again, wondered why Sailor Moon was having such a turbulent resurgence.

Silly Stories About Sailor Moon!

In light of all the ugly incidents from the last week, we had to scrap our plans for our joke post this year – we may post it later after this all blows over! However, we were in luck and found a bunch of silly Sailor Moon related stories to share with you this weekend!

A Horse Named Sailor Moon Makes the Move from Germany to the United States!

No, Pegasus wasn’t for sale. In Germany, just days ago at the 2010 Spring Elite Auction of Oldenburg Sport horses in Vechta, Germany , a beautiful dark bay colored horse named Sailor Moon fetched the highest price. He was sold for a whopping 140,000 Euros (almost $188,500 USD) to the lucky Marta Kaufmann of Los Angeles. The horse will make his way there, and be used in dressage competition. Sailor Moon has some pretty hefty lineage in his pedigree, he is the grandson of Rohdiamant of Oldenberg, Germany, and the son of dressage winner Sandro Hit. We’re not quite sure what inspired the name of this horse as he does not have a crescent moon on his head, and Sailor Moon isn’t a girl, but this was still a silly story to read – Sailor Moon never ceases to pop up in all corners of every day life! The photo we have featured here is from Ov-Online.De and the woman on the left petting the horse is Marta. Fans can check out his page in the auction guide here, and two videos here and here. This is not the only horse in the world named Sailor Moon. A mare, affectionately nicknamed “Moonie”, lives in Australia.

Another Celebrity Professes Their Love For Sailor Moon!

Donald Glover has sure come a long way! Right after he graduated college, he was hired by Tina Fey to be a writer on 30 Rock. Then, he was cast in NBC’s current comedy hit Community as the dim-witted Troy Barnes. On March 19th, his first special aired on Comedy Central. He was asked by AV Club in an interview why he thinks it’s the best time to be a black nerd, and what his nerdiest quality is. In his answer, he gave a surprise answer about Sailor Moon!

Also, I was really into Sailor Moon as a kid, so that was pretty nerdy. I loved Sailor Mars. That was my thing. You know that weird teenage thing where you kind of dabble in, “What if you could make a cartoon real? Maybe she could be my girlfriend.” It was sadness.

Sadness? How many readers of this blog wish Sailor Mars were their girlfriend? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Donald!

Marine-Style Fashion Popular Once Again in Japan?!

The spring and summer fashion season is upon us once again. Do you remember the warm feeling you got wearing a sailor suit or dress as a child? How about that navy blue coat with the gold buttons on each arms paired with a sharp pair of pants with that infamous sailor collar? The navy blue, white, and red color scheme is making a fashion comeback in Japan as we speak – Japanese people still feel the warmth and feel much younger when they wear Marine-Style fashion. This was highlighted just recently for an article in the Mainichi Shimbun, and also had a section talking about sailor suits! The article says that this Marine look is pretty familiar to women in Japan. As schoolgirl uniforms, the “sailor suits” or seifuku were introduced in Japan in the 1920s. They were typically thought of as only schoolwear and not playful at all until a certain franchise turned that notion on its head! Sailor Moon took off the sleeves, shortened the skirts a little, and put a spin on the classic uniforms for the Sailor Senshi’s battle attire. This had such an influence on the seifuku culture that when the 2000s rolled around, there were all sorts of variations on the seifuku not just for uniform purposes, but for cosplay as well. We knew Sailor Moon was influential but we had no idea it had such an impact on fashion in Japan!

Can You Spot the Dub Music Sighting On Our Forums?

Our forums have this neat little arcade feature where members can pit themselves against each other for the top score (but you have to be logged in for your score to count). One of these games is 13 Phobia, a strange game with lots of smiley faces. You play against the computer and pick smiley faces from the group. The player that picks the 13th smiley face loses. Yes, it’s a dumb game… but does anyone recognize the song that plays when the game starts? Here’s a hint (or if you really can’t hear it, here’s a second)! We don’t know if the game developers were fans of Sailor Moon, but what a wonderful coincidence that it’s on our forums!

Sailor Moon Returns to San Francisco!

Ok. Not the real Sailor Moon, but still a cool one anyway! Cosplayer Maria Watanabe is on a mission to bring joy to people visiting Japantown and to teach everyone she can (especially children) about Japanese culture. She cosplays at Sailor Moon on Saturday Afternoons in San Francisco’s Japantown, speaking only as Sailor Moon would in Japanese! Fans can check out a wonderful piece here from the SF Public Press which features an audio clip in which she goes into the legend that Sailor Moon is based on, and how happy she is cosplaying as Sailor Moon! The writer could have gotten the description of Sailor Moon down a little better (she definitely doesn’t have blue hair). She has also started a special group for cosplayers, and welcomes more company to join her at the mall. If any of our readers in San Francisco happen to see her, we’d love to hear of your experiences! While we may not have the real Sailor Moon back in North America, it is refreshing to learn of interesting and creative ways that people are still keeping the spirit of Sailor Moon alive. Domo Arigato Goza Imasu Maria!

Alabama Library to Show Sailor Moon Movie

This is the first that we’ve heard about of any public showing of Sailor Moon anywhere in the United States in a long time! On March 13th at noon, the Prichard Public Library in Prichard, Alabama will be showing “Sailor Moon: The Movie”. We can only assume that this will be the first movie, Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose. We’re pretty sure Moonies in Prichard are probably feeling lonely watching whatever Sailor Moon they do have by themselves, so why not go to this screening and hang out with other fellow Moonies? For more information on how to get to the Prichard Public Library, click here.