Silly Stories About Sailor Moon!

In light of all the ugly incidents from the last week, we had to scrap our plans for our joke post this year – we may post it later after this all blows over! However, we were in luck and found a bunch of silly Sailor Moon related stories to share with you this weekend!

A Horse Named Sailor Moon Makes the Move from Germany to the United States!

No, Pegasus wasn’t for sale. In Germany, just days ago at the 2010 Spring Elite Auction of Oldenburg Sport horses in Vechta, Germany , a beautiful dark bay colored horse named Sailor Moon fetched the highest price. He was sold for a whopping 140,000 Euros (almost $188,500 USD) to the lucky Marta Kaufmann of Los Angeles. The horse will make his way there, and be used in dressage competition. Sailor Moon has some pretty hefty lineage in his pedigree, he is the grandson of Rohdiamant of Oldenberg, Germany, and the son of dressage winner Sandro Hit. We’re not quite sure what inspired the name of this horse as he does not have a crescent moon on his head, and Sailor Moon isn’t a girl, but this was still a silly story to read – Sailor Moon never ceases to pop up in all corners of every day life! The photo we have featured here is from Ov-Online.De and the woman on the left petting the horse is Marta. Fans can check out his page in the auction guide here, and two videos here and here. This is not the only horse in the world named Sailor Moon. A mare, affectionately nicknamed “Moonie”, lives in Australia.

Another Celebrity Professes Their Love For Sailor Moon!

Donald Glover has sure come a long way! Right after he graduated college, he was hired by Tina Fey to be a writer on 30 Rock. Then, he was cast in NBC’s current comedy hit Community as the dim-witted Troy Barnes. On March 19th, his first special aired on Comedy Central. He was asked by AV Club in an interview why he thinks it’s the best time to be a black nerd, and what his nerdiest quality is. In his answer, he gave a surprise answer about Sailor Moon!

Also, I was really into Sailor Moon as a kid, so that was pretty nerdy. I loved Sailor Mars. That was my thing. You know that weird teenage thing where you kind of dabble in, “What if you could make a cartoon real? Maybe she could be my girlfriend.” It was sadness.

Sadness? How many readers of this blog wish Sailor Mars were their girlfriend? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Donald!

Marine-Style Fashion Popular Once Again in Japan?!

The spring and summer fashion season is upon us once again. Do you remember the warm feeling you got wearing a sailor suit or dress as a child? How about that navy blue coat with the gold buttons on each arms paired with a sharp pair of pants with that infamous sailor collar? The navy blue, white, and red color scheme is making a fashion comeback in Japan as we speak – Japanese people still feel the warmth and feel much younger when they wear Marine-Style fashion. This was highlighted just recently for an article in the Mainichi Shimbun, and also had a section talking about sailor suits! The article says that this Marine look is pretty familiar to women in Japan. As schoolgirl uniforms, the “sailor suits” or seifuku were introduced in Japan in the 1920s. They were typically thought of as only schoolwear and not playful at all until a certain franchise turned that notion on its head! Sailor Moon took off the sleeves, shortened the skirts a little, and put a spin on the classic uniforms for the Sailor Senshi’s battle attire. This had such an influence on the seifuku culture that when the 2000s rolled around, there were all sorts of variations on the seifuku not just for uniform purposes, but for cosplay as well. We knew Sailor Moon was influential but we had no idea it had such an impact on fashion in Japan!

Can You Spot the Dub Music Sighting On Our Forums?

Our forums have this neat little arcade feature where members can pit themselves against each other for the top score (but you have to be logged in for your score to count). One of these games is 13 Phobia, a strange game with lots of smiley faces. You play against the computer and pick smiley faces from the group. The player that picks the 13th smiley face loses. Yes, it’s a dumb game… but does anyone recognize the song that plays when the game starts? Here’s a hint (or if you really can’t hear it, here’s a second)! We don’t know if the game developers were fans of Sailor Moon, but what a wonderful coincidence that it’s on our forums!

Hollywood Sailor Sightings!

Penelope Cruz Bears Striking Resemblance to… Sailor Pluto?!

Pedro Almodovar’s Los Abrazos Rotos (or better known in English as Broken Embraces) is making waves around the world, and just recently closed the New York Film Festival. An Italian fan named Federica Bernasconi was reading the November issue of Ciak, and noticed something familiar in a still from the film. More specifically, the dress that the film’s star, Penelope Cruz is wearing. Sailor Pluto fans might recognize the dress too! The Guardian of Time was drawn wearing a dress that seems to have been re-created in this film almost perfectly! All Penelope is missing are those crystal earrings, and that champagne flute for an extra touch of class! One article had the nerve to say that “Cosplay Mania” is starting to infect the cinema! All fearful symmetry aside, there’s another facet to this interesting choice of costume; it is rumored that costume designer Sonia Grande may be a fan of Sailor Moon. Was this a coincidence or could this have been planned?

Often Imitated, But Never Quite Duplicated!

These next two sightings are somehow assumed to look like Sailor Moon… but, we have to disagree. The first one comes from Project Runway. In this season’s 10th episode, Michael Kors came to the remaining designers with his “inspiraton challenge”. Designers had to pick a location and use it as inspiration for their outfit. Designer Logan Neitzel picked Hollywood, and didn’t quite design anything great. What we can’t understand is how this blogger with the Daily Loaf thinks that the outfit resembled Sailor Moon. Seriously? When was the last time Sailor Moon wore something that tacky? Asian Model + sailor-type ropey neckline + suspenders ≠ Sailor Moon.The second one comes from the hit FOX TV show, Glee. Never seen this show, but it seems that one character’s cute outfit was reminiscent of Sailor Moon. In the 5th episode The Rhodes Not Taken, Rachel was spotted during the bowling scene by this blogger wearing a shirt that had a half-blue, half-red, collar and scarf painted directly on it, and a short blue skirt. She tries more to look something like Minako in her school uniform, but we’re not diggin’ the red and blue split sides too much. That skirt’s a little too bright to be considered Sailor Moon fare too. But, if she was trying to pull off the Sailor Moon schoolgirl look, we think she deserves an E for effort. Next time, try wearing something with a real collar??

Sailor Sightings October 2009!

We’ll start with sports! We haven’t seen so many sports sightings in such a long time, proving that Sailor Moon has fans from almost every walk of life!

☽ High school volleyball player Nikki Glass is making waves and leading her team to victory. In her profile, she listed Sailor Moon as her favorite cartoon as a kid. Her team is currently sitting in first place in their division standings! Way to go, Nikki!

☽ Virginia Tech football player Ryan Williams shared his inspiring life story, from growing up in a bad neighborhood to living out his dreams in high school. He also shared the important lessons he learned from his mentally-disabled older brother, Dontaye. The two share a special bond, and Ryan was always there behind him, even when times got tough. When he was younger, the two would watch cartoons like Transformers and Sailor Moon, and they continue to watch cartoons together today.

Onto visual art!

☽ Roger Shimomura has an interesting art exhibit at the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle. His paintings are all self portraits superimposed on pop-culture icons, and one of them includes Sailor Moon. Considering that this was painted in 2004, it’s hard to tell whether it was influenced more by the manga or PGSM, but he has painted Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Mars in their anime style, but with elements that were not used in the anime (Sailor Moon’s choker is noticeably different, and Roger crossed his glasses with a shape familiar to manga fans). Fans can check out more of his works on display here.

☽ Teens who are patients at Australia’s West Footscray Royal Children’s Hospital are taking a novel approach to treating their mental disorders – creating art! These paintings were created through art therapy programs. While therapists are reluctant to interpret the art that they are painting, the art serves as a way for patients to express themselves and to identify their emotions and issues, along with their causes. What really struck us was a seemingly hopeful painting that one girl painted of Sailor Moon. She hoped for more power in her personal life. Sailor Moon is a special character who went from being someone who had little confidence in herself, to a superhero that was capable of saving the world, and never giving up the fight. She means a lot to so many people – and this is one of the reasons why we wish the show could come back.

Celebrity Jabber!

The Daily Show‘s correspondent Samantha Bee, has sure come a long way from her odd jobs at alternative theaters in Toronto! The Toronto Star profiled her last weekend, and talked about her new Off-Broadway show. We enjoyed reading how she met her “Tuxedo Mask” while playing Sailor Moon at Toronto’s CNE several years ago! She considers it one of the low points in her career (but we sure don’t). We tried to find a picture of her as Sailor Moon but were unsuccessful.

☽ And it seems that horrid Kisten Dunst video has finally made its debut in London. Read a fan’s account of it here!

And as we end this article, we’ll leave you with this thought. Is Tuxedo Mask really a headache?

Breaking News: McG Influenced by Sailor Moon!

First Steven Spielberg, and now McG. The press is buzzing about Terminator: Salvation‘s esteemed director, McG, and his comments about which anime have influenced him! On June 4th, McG, along with the film’s other main cast of Anton Yelchin, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Moon Bloodgood, appeared at a promotional event for the movie. He revealed that he was influenced b what was regarded by many who were there, an odd couple of the Japanese entertainment world: Sailor Moon and Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. He said those series were considered to be Japanese subculture and also admitted a love for Akihabara! He answered this in response to a question from a fan with a straight face, later giggling! The audience was also either laughing or surprised upon hearing of those two together! McG also surmised that if there was to be another Terminator movie, he would want to shoot it in Shinjuku and Shibuya. He also spoke of how himself and Quentin Tarantino were influenced by works from Japan since they were children. It’s always nice to hear of Sailor Moon’s influence in Hollywood (hey Toei, are you listening? Just think of how much MORE impact a re-release could have?). The picture we have shown you above is McG in a pose the press has dubbed the “came from the future” pose.