S.H.E. Likes Sailor Moon!

Taiwanese Pop Group S.H.E is on a mission to help girls and women find the heroines within themselves! In March, the trio released their 12th album called Shero, and the title track is even being used as the official theme song of the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo. Fans can check out the music video for Shero here and a translation of the lyrics. On May 12th, an event was held in Shanghai, China, to celebrate the release of Shero there, and the trio was presented with special tickets to attend the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. They are looking forward to attending the Expo and also meeting their fans after a long time! Leading up to this event was a campaign in China to encourage everyone to “Find their Heroine” and the girls were asked who their heroines were. Selina Jen chose the sweet, sexy, and charming Catwoman, because she matched her straightforward and lively personality. Ella Chen chose the “superwoman” Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl, and Hebe Tien chose every reader of this site’s favorite, Sailor Moon! Hebe chose her because Sailor Moon is recognized as a most useful character, and Hebe even did Sailor Moon’s infamous poses on stage! Oh, and did we mention this is on YouTube? We’ve got it posted below, and this happens right at the beginning! Fans can check out more photos from the event here.

Police Play Silly in Taiwan

We came across this crazy story on a Chinese website, and even though we had a hard time understanding what exactly was going on, we have understood enough to bring this silly story to you Moonies. In Taiwan, to celebrate Lunar New Year, many police officers decided to hit the streets dressed up like characters from Sailor Moon. They sang and danced some popular steps (featured in the popular Wonder Girls’ video for Nobody) in the streets, but the public response was mixed. Some didn’t enjoy it, but some children and adults came, laughed, and joined in on the streets. Mothers and their children were especially attracted to this spectacle in the streets! They had the full get ups on, including wigs and stockings. A female offier also pretended to arrest them, and another officer dressed up as Superman also joined in the fun, and led a drum troupe. This was an effort to soften the police’s image with the general public, but no one knows what sort of effect this will have on them long-term. We only wish we could have found photos from this event, but for now Sailor Venus pretending to be Sailor Moon will have to do.

(Image from The Oracle)