Korean Actress Dons Sailor Moon Cosplay for Drama!

Note: This article had incorrect information in it’s former incarnation (our source was wrong). Now it is fixed and the old article has been removed.

Popular Korean actress Goo Hye-Sun dressed up like Sailor Moon to shoot some scenes for the upcoming drama The Musical to be broadcast on KBS. Hye-Sun plays a medical student who dreams of being a musical actor (and has failed 80 different auditions). Fans may know of Hye-Sun from her work in two Korean live-action adaptations of Japanese franchises: the very popular Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) as Geum Jan Di, and from the upcoming Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) as Riiko Izawa. In a sailor suit and a long blonde wig, she waved her wand through a busy area of Seoul as they filmed. Her costume seemed ridiculous, but Hye Sun didn’t seem fazed by it and was cheerful and happy the whole time!

Netizens took photos and remarked that she looked like manhwa (Korean word for manga) had come to life, and that in a sailor suit they thought she looked pretty and cute. Some were really impressed by her transformation, while others mused “if only she really existed!” We think every Sailor Moon fan in their heart secretly wishes she did, too. Comedienne and Co-Star Park Hyung Lim also showed up and was full of envy when she said that Sailor Moon had been rediscovered!

Fans can check out some of the photos taken below, and a video on Pandora (when it wants to work, it wasn’t doing anything for us for over an hour).

BREAKING NEWS: Kirsten Dunst Music Video in Akihabara!

Takashi Murakami’s short film Akihabara Majokko Princess starring Kirsten Dunst has finally been posted! The music video has Kirsten dancing in Akihabara singing a cover of Turning Japanese by The Vapors and wearing a horribly clashing, extremely garish costume that has been compared to Sailor Moon’s outfit.

We were hoping that after two posts we could forget this awkward fashion decision that merited a Sailor Moon comparison, but third time’s the charm; we get to live it all over again, and we just had to share our misery! 😀

We recommend that only older readers watch the video. There are some background visuals that are not suitable for children.

EDIT: it appears that Company3 has taken the video down, but fans can watch it on YouTube here!

Video Game Sightings and Cool Sites!

Create Your Own Sailor Senshi in City of Heroes and City of Villains!

Longtime reader Senshi-Chan wrote in with this sighting – she just tried out the MMO City of Heroes and learned she could make Sailor Senshi! In this game, players create their own heroes and can team up with others to face foes and fight crime in Paragon City. So far she has made Sailor Chibi-Moon and Eternal Sailor Mercury. Players are also able to make a feline sidekick. In City of Villains, she also managed to make Queen Beryl. We have a few shots of her Sailor Chibi-Moon here too! If any of our other readers have managed to create other Sailor Moon characters in these games, we’d love to feature your shots!

Sailor Suit in The World Ends With You

During my very short Holiday vacation, I became reacquainted with my Nintendo DS – or more specifically, a game I put down a long time ago because I had gotten too busy: The World Ends With You. I picked up this game because a very long time ago we featured a Japanese commercial for it (I promise, this summer we will upload all the old ones again) and I thought it looked kinda neat. Lo and Behold, I wasn’t as behind as I thought I was, and ended up beating the game. I then got into the second part of the game where all the levels and a new bonus one had to be replayed, to earn certain rare items etc. One of these rare items, is a Sailor Suit that looked very suspiciously familiar to the ones we have seen in Sailor Moon! I thought I’d include this sighting just for kicks (P.S. if any of our readers know how the heck I can beat Anguis Cantus on Ultimate without killing myself, please let me know. Have Eden Deck, missing last Gatito Pin which this guy holds).

We also have a couple links to sites that you should all check out:

☽ T.M. Chiba’s SailorMoonLinks.com is a compilation of almost every Sailor Moon site in existence. The AniPike hasn’t been updated in ages, so fans looking to find Sailor Moon sites about just about everything in the universe should check out SailorMoonLinks!

☽ A group of Canadian screenwriters in animation have finally started a blog – Canimation! It’s about time someone started a blog to talk about the rich history this country has in cartoons. Even though there isn’t a lot there, we hope to see some more in the future devoted to many cartoons that Canadians grew up with in the 70s and 80s. Many of these cartoons, helped to launch the careers of many of the VAs we follow on Moon Chase today!

By the Fans, For the Fans (And Then Some)

Hey, Moonies!

Rest assured that the report and survey results are coming very soon.  We’ve been working hard to put the all the data together for you and we’re just about finished.  In the meantime, we’ve received quite a few fan submissions this month which we’d like to share with you!

Our first one comes from a fan named Joshua.  He had this cookie cake made for his birthday!  It was based on the image below from the Sailor Moon R movie.  According to Joshua, the whole cake is like a giant chocolate chip cookie, sounds delicious!  Happy birthday, Joshua!

We also received some cosplay photos from fans!  First up is from uranusfan1.  She created her own Sailor Starlight, Sailor Star Miracle!  The first is the anime version of Sailor Star Miracle.  Second is her cosplay photo and third is a close up of her homemade Sailor Moon S brooch!

We also have another cosplayer, V~Ronnie~Rae as Sailor Moon from the first season!  We think she’s done a really neat job on the costume and we love the pose!  Great job!

This submission comes from a fan we’ve heard from before! Forum user Sailor Mini Moon sent us a picture of her homemade Mini-Moon doll back in July. Now Chibiusa has been reunited with her mother! That’s a lovely Eternal Sailor Moon doll!

In a slightly different vein, this sighting was sent in by Subzippo.  He spotted this one in DC Comics Teen Titans issue 72 from August 2009!  Bombshell accuses Miss Martian of dressing like Sailor Moon and we can definitely see why!

Our very last fan submission comes from facebook user Zack! His Sailor Moon posed was simply accompanied by “wow. i love you” Thanks, Zack! We love you and all our fans too!

Here at Moon Chase we’re always happy to show off your Sailor Moon fan works!  Just send us an email to moonchasers AT gmail DOT com and include “Fan Work” in your subject so we can notice it more quickly and a name to credit you under.  Then just sit back and we’ll show off your creation to all of our readers!

Hollywood Sailor Sightings!

Penelope Cruz Bears Striking Resemblance to… Sailor Pluto?!

Pedro Almodovar’s Los Abrazos Rotos (or better known in English as Broken Embraces) is making waves around the world, and just recently closed the New York Film Festival. An Italian fan named Federica Bernasconi was reading the November issue of Ciak, and noticed something familiar in a still from the film. More specifically, the dress that the film’s star, Penelope Cruz is wearing. Sailor Pluto fans might recognize the dress too! The Guardian of Time was drawn wearing a dress that seems to have been re-created in this film almost perfectly! All Penelope is missing are those crystal earrings, and that champagne flute for an extra touch of class! One article had the nerve to say that “Cosplay Mania” is starting to infect the cinema! All fearful symmetry aside, there’s another facet to this interesting choice of costume; it is rumored that costume designer Sonia Grande may be a fan of Sailor Moon. Was this a coincidence or could this have been planned?

Often Imitated, But Never Quite Duplicated!

These next two sightings are somehow assumed to look like Sailor Moon… but, we have to disagree. The first one comes from Project Runway. In this season’s 10th episode, Michael Kors came to the remaining designers with his “inspiraton challenge”. Designers had to pick a location and use it as inspiration for their outfit. Designer Logan Neitzel picked Hollywood, and didn’t quite design anything great. What we can’t understand is how this blogger with the Daily Loaf thinks that the outfit resembled Sailor Moon. Seriously? When was the last time Sailor Moon wore something that tacky? Asian Model + sailor-type ropey neckline + suspenders ≠ Sailor Moon.The second one comes from the hit FOX TV show, Glee. Never seen this show, but it seems that one character’s cute outfit was reminiscent of Sailor Moon. In the 5th episode The Rhodes Not Taken, Rachel was spotted during the bowling scene by this blogger wearing a shirt that had a half-blue, half-red, collar and scarf painted directly on it, and a short blue skirt. She tries more to look something like Minako in her school uniform, but we’re not diggin’ the red and blue split sides too much. That skirt’s a little too bright to be considered Sailor Moon fare too. But, if she was trying to pull off the Sailor Moon schoolgirl look, we think she deserves an E for effort. Next time, try wearing something with a real collar??