News From The Other Side Of the Pond #14

Ruria Nakamura Shares Her Plans For The New Year!

Ruria Nakamura (Sailor Saturn in the Mistress Labyrinth Sera Myus) recently wrote an entry about her 2007, and what she hopes to achieve in 2008. She released a CD of her own producing entitled You Must Want last March, and in May she released her first single You Wish which did quite well with internet download sales. In August, she got to meet some of her fans and returned to the stage again in the play Memories 2. This year she hopes to meet more fans, and will be releasing a third single, titled Good Morning in February. She thinks this is her best song, because it reminds her of the love and kindness she gets from all her fans! She wishes that this year is the best that it can be for all of her fans!

Ayaka’s New DVD!

Are Any of Us Really Surprised?

Note: Ayaka has released another one of those DVDs intended for mature audiences. Click the link below to read the article.

Ayaka Komatsu (Sailor Venus in PGSM) has had quite a different career since her PGSM days. Though she continued to do some acting, she has become more notorious among the Sailor Moon community for her Idol DVDs, usually outfitted in teensy-weensy swimsuits. Though she was barely 18 when the show ended, to many fans she seemed a little young to be making these sorts of DVDs. However in Japanese culture this is pretty normal considering the nature of their idol industry. We were doing our newsrounds when we learned of a new DVD entitled, Dream Note II: A Happy Ending. Ayaka has a notebook where she writes about her dreams of wearing a variety of costumes, and magically Ayaka is wearing them herself! Boy, people will find any excuse to make a gravure idol DVD with Ayaka in it.