New Season Rumor?!

We’re not getting too excited about this, but we’re a little intrigued by a message posted on 2Channel by someone named “Sage”. We are going to treat this as rumor until this is true. It is near the bottom – hit Control F and look for >>536 and you will see it! We’re posting a rough translation below, but we couldn’t verify this industry source (or Tarekomi, as the Japanese affectionately call them).

This comes from an industry Tarekomi source.
The project name “Sailor Moon X” was registered before all of this happened (Note: referring to ANIMAX broadcast).
The advertisement is scheduled to enter part way during the re-broadcasting on ANIMAX.
This was not announced now because of the Pretty Cure timeframe.

The project registered before under the name Dragon Ball MJ became Dragon Ball Kai.

We’re a little skeptical because PGSM was once rumored to be a new anime under the same name “Sailor Moon X”, and waaaaayy before that, there was a rumor of a new season under the same name. Of course, the PGSM rumor was sort of true, but there was no new anime either way. Around 2004 there was a rumor floating around of a new series called “Dragon Ball MJ” but we now know that as part of the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball, “Dragon Ball Kai” was created. As far as Pretty Cure goes, it received a lot of hype earlier this year from the sixth series (“Fresh Pretty Cure!”)premiere, and there is a sixth movie on the way in October. The papers all over Japan were hailing it as the successor to Sailor Moon as well, using tones that could have been read as driving a war between the two properties. We were all a little hurt inside reading these articles because to us fans, nothing could ever touch Sailor Moon’s special spot in our hearts! Once again, we are treating this as rumor as it is coming from 2Channel where some stuff is true, while other stuff isn’t. Could it be true? Only time will tell! Once again, this is a very exciting time to be a Sailor Moon fan!

Tabloids Being Unfair To Keiko

It seems Keiko Kitagawa (Sailor Mars in PGSM) has been the subject of many tabloids’ fodder lately. The first one came a little over a week ago, where she was compared to Aya Ueto. Aya Ueto is an idol who has a nickname in the Japanese press, she is known as the “low-ratings idol” since she mostly appears in magazine, commercials, and low-rated dramas. According to this article, Aya has some competition with her “low-ratings” crown in the form of Keiko Kitagawa, who over the last nine months has been seen in the same sorts of things that Aya used to conquer! The article goes on to say that Aya has had a 10-year career, while Keiko has only been on the scene for 6 years. But it makes light of dramas which they starred in and their dwindling ratings. There’s an error in this article, as he calls Keiko only an actress and Aya an actress and a singer. Keiko has sung songs for PGSM which we’re pretty sure were well loved (at least it wasn’t Miyuu Sawaii’s singing). The writer of this article, at the end shows a shred of humanity saying that he doesn’t want fans to be angry with his decision about who the new low-ratings idol is. He ends saying Keiko is winning against Aya right now, but has more faith in Keiko having a better career in the future. He also notes that it is hard for many idols to achieve a lot of popularity. Aya is pictured here ->.

Yes, we know this article was garbage, but we really don’t think that this was fair to even put her in that category! Sure her latest dramas haven’t had wide appeal (Homeroom on the Beachside lost ratings steadily), however she is one of the few stars of PGSM who is steadily working hard towards stardom (even though she is not as successful as others)! Plus, she is featured frequently on commercials for cosmetics giant Kanebo (as is Aya). We remember reading in an interview a long time ago that she didn’t feel like she was worthy enough to be with all the other, more beautiful, idols that were in the commercials. To us, Keiko seems willing to try different things to put herself out there, and we know that she will never be a low-ratings queen to us!

We also came across this scan of Keiko’s various romantic interests and other men she has starred in movies and dramas with. We can’t name any of them unfortunately – if any of you know who they are, please tell us! Miyuu Sawai and Ayaka Komatsu are only in there to connect to her debut work, PGSM.

And thirdly, it seems that Keiko was involved in yet another scandalous mishap! Last week, she appeared on Tunnels: Food Prejudice King, a variety show in Japan. Tunnels features a campy quiz show for the first 20 minutes, and then the other 40 are devoted to celebrity food tasting, and then everyone has to guess the food that the other one hated. Alongside Keiko was a South Korean actor named Jung Woo-sung. Unfortunately, at the end of the show, he spelled Kimchi wrong (writing Kimuchi instead of Kimchi), and many South Koreans got offended. This led him to issue a huge apology out to his fans. We have a couple clips from the show for you all!

First: The Introductions, and Wine Tasting! Keiko doesn’t like the wine and seems a little shy…

Second: Kimchi/Kimuchi confusion! Keiko finds Kimchi spicy!

For those of you who want to know about Korean romanization and why “Kimuchi” causes a bit of an uproar, hit the jump for a very special explanation from our seasonal writer, Starcat!

Here’s Starcat’s explanation!

(please note that for this article I don’t use a standard romanization system — I simply write out how I think things are best phonetically pronounced to American English speakers, with hyphens to indicate between syllables. If you are from another country or have another accent you might not sound “Korean” when you pronounce things this way, but I think it works the best to my eyes and ears! I’m also calling it the “English” alphabet rather than Latin because romanization tends to follow the English way of pronouncing each letter.)

The Korean language, 한국어 (han-guk-oh), and Korean alphabet, 한글 (han-guhl), don’t really match the typical sounds given to English letters, so there can be a lot of variation for one word. It can get somewhat closer to most English words than Japanese due to the use of final consonants other than n (as in kim-bap, kal-bi, ta-sot, and an-nyohng–yes, the ng is one letter in Korean!) Some words are really easy to romanize into English — kimchi is written very much as it is in Hangul: ㄱㅣ ㅁ (김) ㅊ ㅣ (치), 김치. it can be spelt gimchi as well (and some people/places write kimchee or other variations on the same pronunciation) because the first consonant, ㄱ, falls slightly between these two English letters. (There are two more variations on this letter that produce a more distinct k-sound or a short gg/kk sound, as well, further complicating romanization into English, but since we’re only concerned with a simple word, kimchi, it’s not our problem.) The -chi part is slightly less complicated, because the ch, ㅊ, is already what’s called an “aspirated” consonant, which means it’s pronounced almost exactly like “ch” is in English. The letter it’s based on, ㅈ, is more of a j/ch combination–again, causing romanization problems in a different way.

Japanese, though, does not have these ending consonants. To write “kimchi” in Japanese, you must write ki-mu-chi, or キムチ. The u sound is usually dropped or only briefly pronounced so it ends up sounding very close to kimchi in Korean. It’s not a problem, right?

Well, to the Korean people, it is. The Japanese occupied Korea for a long time, and there is still a bit of jealousy and tension between the two countries. Japan has tried to get Korea’s national dish standardized in English as “kimuchi”. While I am not a Korean national or even Korean by heritage, my guess is that this misspelling was so offensive because of two reasons: for one, it’s the Japanese way, not the Korean way; for two, an unknowing English speaker would pronounce kimuchi different than kimchi. In short, the romanization directly from Korean is the best way and to do it otherwise is weird and insulting, particularly for such a high-profile dish! Even though this K-Pop star was in Japan, he should have been representing Korea and spelling it the Korean way.

I’m still a learning Korean student–if anyone knows if “kimuchi” is a real word in Korean (the basic hangul spellings I tried in Google Translate produced nothing) please write in and let us know!


For more information on how to pronounce Korean consonants:

The English article about this scandal from All

More on kimchi as a food:

Shokotan + Shibby = ♥ ?

Two stars we have covered on this blog made the Japanese tabloids a few weeks ago when it was rumored that they might be dating! The infamous idol, popstar, cosplay enthusiast, and recent mangaka, Shoko “Shokotan” Nakagawa and Jyoji Shibue (Tuxedo Mask in PGSM) were recently caught by the tabloids having dinner in a tavern in Shibuya. The two were chatting away and having a great time, without a clue that they were spotted by someone who snapped them together (pictured). Another website had posted an article alleging that the two were dating, and that their date did not end after dinner. Shoko took offense to this, and posted a retort on her blog , saying that she didn’t understand why going out to dinner with a friend was such a headline. Shibby’s blog is pretty boring and featured no retort whatsoever. This is the first we have ever heard of these two being friends, and we hope that in light of this tabloid hiccup, they can continue to be friends. Shoko is after all, a big fan of Kamen Rider, of which Shibby had a leading role in one of the latest series. Of course though, we had to leaf through a few entries for Sailor Sightings! Here is a snack she is getting ready to enjoy (berries and condensed milk) in some anime-themed snack bowls she found, here she is with Ayana Tsubaki buying manga (look what Ayana is holding!), and here she is in formal dress, holding a Chibi-Usa plushie. She cracks a joke that dressing up and wearing makeup again after a long time isn’t like “Jupiter Power”!

More Definite Proof Sailor Moon is NOT on the Air!

Case Closed!

We were sorting through emails a few hours ago, and it turns out we missed a very important one which arrived on Friday morning! In fact, if we had read this, we probably would have been spared our efforts later that evening – apologies to the England Correspondent who had to wake up very early on a Saturday! On Monday of last week, we emailed ITV, Toonattik, and whoever we could with questions about Sailor Moon, linking them to the video and asking if the show was on the air, if there was a contest (as claimed by the user on YouTube) for fans to make a commercial, and probably the dumbest question of all, if they would air if without having the rights – we had reminded them that there is a lockdown on Sailor Moon all over the world except for Japan. A fan suggested that perhaps if it was on the air it could have been aired illegally. We feel this letter is the ‘Smoking Gun’ which proves that the rumor was in fact a hoax.

Dear Viewer:

We regret to inform you that Sailor Moon is not currently on the Toonattik schedule, nor has it been on our schedule for the last month. It has not been on our schedule for many years. ITV does not hold the rights to air Sailor Moon, and we would not air it illegally. Our website is extremely secure and we can confirm we are not having any contest of any kind where viewers could make a commercial for an upcoming TV show.

ITV Viewer Relations

Please visit the official ITV website at
for the latest company news.

This email and any files transmitted are confidential and intended
solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are
addressed. If you have received this email in error, please notify
********** at

Thank you.

There you have it, folks. The claims behind that YouTube video are false. In fact, if the ITV website was really hacked, we’re guessing that user would have been caught pretty quickly by the cops (or even Scotland Yard). There is no contest for fan-made commercials, and the show is not on the air anywhere in the world.

EDIT: Due to some fans disproving the authenticity of this email that we received, we have now added the official ITV signature that was sitting at the end of the email. It is against Moon Chase’s site policy to post an email address directly on this site other than our own. We do this because we wish to protect others from getting spam from our readers. While we understand that this email was meant for our eyes only (RE: ITV disclaimer) we asked questions that all the fans were asking and since they were answered we posted the message – it was intended for everyone questioning the show’s return.

Update (April 24th, 2008): It seems that GMTV has finally gotten the video pulled from YouTube, and we have a feeling it was probably because the user was using their logo to advertise a show that was not on their schedule, or because the user claimed to have hacked their site. Playing hoaxes doesn’t pay, hoaxer. We hope that this now closes the door on this rumor.

Definite Proof Sailor Moon is NOT on the Air!

We’d like to begin by thanking one of our friends (who asked not to be named) in England who took the time to give us a hand. This person over the phone told us what was airing and what wasn’t airing as it was happening. To recap: Sailor Moon was claimed to be airing at 7:05 on Sat.1 , a German channel. What we have learned since is that the show is not on the network at all (and there aren’t even any kids shows on that network). If the show was on Sat.1, we would expect to see the German version and not the English one. Some fans on the internet are still adamant that it’s on – and even on a completely different network. That network is ITV, and some claim that the show is on under it’s Toonattik block. Well, we checked that schedule, and didn’t find it there either. Without further ado…

The Results!

Our friend checked ITV first at 7:00 and found that Dora the Explorer was on the air – and swiftly ran through their guide to find the channel for Sat.1. Toonattik hadn’t even started yet, this was still ITV’s early childhood block Wakey Wakey. In fact, we even asked that they mute it because we didn’t want to suffer through any more of the theme song. Then our friend found Sat.1. and told us that what looked like a German version of Deal or No Deal, was coming to an end. After Deal or No Deal ended, our correspondent told is there was “Definitely not a cartoon on, and definitely not Sailor Moon“. What they did find airing on the channel was a show called Hallo Onkel Doc, which looked like it could have been some kind of family drama. The episode title that flashed on the bottom of the screen was Kindersegen. Since Toonattik starts in a bit, we are going to check that too. Stay tuned for updates!

Update: Toonattik began and Sailor Moon was not on. Iggy Arbuckle was on though! It is now 7:30 AM in Britain, but far too late in our timezone. Even Moon Chase needs sleep!