More VA Sightings for October 2007!

Hey Moonies, The Negaforce is On A Roll!

To remind you all, Maria Vacratsis (Negaforce) has been nominated as part of the cast of Showcase’s Rent a Goalie in this year’s Gemini Awards. She plays the politician Firstman, who is more of a hindrance than a help in the hit show. Maria was also seen playing a pawnshop owner in the recent action-thriller Shoot ‘Em Up starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, and Monica Bellucci. This one was about a former soldier who is thrown into a conspiracy when he offers to protect the child of a mother being targeted by a hitman. The winners for certain awards have already been announced, but this one is part of the big awards show taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan. The host of the event is popular Canadian TV personality George Stroumboulopoulos. The awards will be airing live from Regina, Saskatchewan this Sunday on CBC. Check you local listings – good luck Maria! The show starts it’s second season on Canada’s Showcase on Monday.

Lyon Smith Continues Sound Design!

Until this Tuesday, Lyon Smith’s (Sapphire) work can be heard during the Tarragon Theatre’s production of Generous. Generous is a comedy that asks the question “What happens when members of society not known for their generosity become overwhelmed with the desire to help?” This is reflected when the major political party loses a non-confidence vote. We have a feeling this is based on recent events in Canada’s Parliament. After this, Lyon barely gets a break before he has to get to work doing sound design for Theatre & Company’s production of A Christmas Story, which runs from December 6th – 23rd. This one is a stage adaptation based on the film of the same name from 1983. Both productions are in Toronto and we would love to hear from fans who attend either of them!

Finally, a Trailer for Alice Blue!

This sighting takes us all way back. The Death of Alice Blue: Part 1: the Bloodsucking Vampires of Advertising finally has a trailer out! Unfortunately, a revamped website and the trailer still hasn’t given any word of a release date for this movie. Barbara Radecki (Sailor Neptune, Serena’s Mom) plays Sherry, and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars #1) plays the role of Katie. We seriously don’t know any more than that – it’s been four years since this movie has been on the Sailor Moon VA radar and there is still no word on a release date. And we’re not the only ones who are wondering where this movie is. We inquired to Michael Kulas (Katie Griffin’s husband) earlier this week and he also has no idea when this movie is out. We’re also sad that whoever put the trailer together didn’t use any of Michael’s music in it. We have a feeling the blonde with the shorter hair might be Barbara, but we watched it over and over and could not spot Katie in it at all. Considering this is supposed to be the first film of many, we have to wonder what’s going on to delay the release for this long and if/when the sequels will be shot.

Fall VA Sightings!

Liza Balkan Performs New Piece in Festival!

Liza Balkan(Sailor Mercury #2), performed a new piece this weekend at Toronto’s Second Annual Lab Cab Festival. Out The Window is based on the aftermath of witnessing a death on the street. Something happened. The official description from the site reads: 6 years, two trials, a coroner’s inquest, a verdict and 100s of pages of transcripts later… questions remain. About truth. About sight. About the act of the witness. Liza is a director, actor, dancer, writer. Who saw something. She thinks. One critic enjoyed it and hailed it as one of the pieces not to miss. Liza directed the Pajama Game at the Bathurst Street Theatre, and can be seen next directing Bunnicula this Christmas. Fans can visit the official Lab Cab Myspace here!

A Rubeus’ Presence is Felt on Wayside!

Wayside is a Canadian and American production which started this summer on Teletoon and Nickelodeon. They are based on the popular series Sideways Stories From Wayside School by Louis Sachar. Wayside School was accidentally built sideways with one room in each of the 30 stories instead of 30 rooms in 1 story. Viewers join the new kid Todd, as he tries to make his way in a school where it’s okay to fall asleep, cows roam free, and class elections are decided by a game of… dodgeball? The series is popular among kids in both countries and we wouldn’t be mentioning this if there wasn’t a VA involved! Robert Tinkler (Rubeus) is a writer for this cartoon.

Rino Romano Has Two Narrating Gigs!

Rino Romano (Tuxedo Mask #1) is still continuing his role as the Caped Crusader on The Batman – which will begin its 5th Season any moment now! But Rino also has two roles in which he is narrating. The first is for the second season of Curious George on PBS Kids. The second season is focusing mostly on engineering concepts, like building a treehouse and plumbing, because every kid needs to know how to do these things in everyday life (pfft. who needs adults?). In March, Rino narrated The Story of the 2006 Diamond Bar Wolfpack , a documentary which followed the Jr. Midget Wolfpack Football team. In 2006, they were completely unbeaten through the season! The film was a winner in a worldwide Digital Video competition in June! Fans of Rino Romano can purchase this documentary on DVD and can watch a sneak peek here.

Charlie Bartlett Finally Has a Release Date!

Last May, we told you of high school comedy Charlie Bartlett, which features David Fraser (Grandpa Hino) as Dr. Jacob Kaufmann. We had read everywhere that the film was going to be out last month, but it wasn’t to be found. Just recently, it was announced that the film will come out on February 1st, and the movie has an official website too! Even though the release date is so far away, we can’t wait to see this movie about a teenaged boy who turns into a quasi-psychiatrist!

Spot that VA in Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers began on Teletoon last July, and we finally got around to watching an episode ! To our surprise, a few VA’s are involved in the dub of this anime. Bakugan Battle Brawlers (or simply Bakugan in Japan) is about kids who pick up cards featuring different characters, environments, and powers. They make a game with these cards , but they do not know that these cards correspond to an alternate world called Vestoria. Soon the kids are pulled into a quest to restore balance to Vestoria! Starring in this show are: Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Peruru) as Runo, the tomboy who uses light attributes, Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Mars #2, Sailor Venus #2) as Alice, who doesn’t battle but advises the other brawlers, and Lyon Smith (Sapphire) as the masked Masquerade, who wants to help the Dark Side win over Vestoria and Earth!

And Finally…

We dug in the vault of old Sailor Moon articles and found a very old interview with Stephanie Beard that comes from the Globe & Mail – just as her career was starting to take off in 2001. Stephanie reveals a few tidbits about her aspirations and childhood in this interview! Sugar fans should give this a read, they may learn something new!

Stephanie Beard

Question: As co-host of YTV’s The Zone, what star-like demands have you made in your contract?

Answer: One big rule — I can’t work with puppets that are bigger than me. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been scared of life-size puppets like Gonzo and Miss Piggy. My other demands included normal stuff like the newest Powerpuff Girls toys, a year’s worth of ice cream and a steak sandwich.

Q: Mansbridge or Robertson?

A: Neither, actually I was thinking more along the lines of ET’s Jann Carl.

Q: You have the nickname Suga Baybee now, but what did they call you when you were a kid?

A: In my family growing up, my brother and sister called me “Chub-a-lie” ’cause I was really chubby and I made up a lot of stories. My mom called me Princess Piglet, but just Princess when we had company over.

Q: Which cartoon character, past or present, would you have liked to do?

A: I always had dreams of being in an animated movie. I was able to accomplish that goal by playing Louisa in the upcoming animated feature, The Santa Claus Brothers, a new animated holiday special based on Michael Bedard’s images (from Nelvana) that will air on YTV this December. Now, I have a mission to be the voice of Maggie, from The Simpsons, when her creators decide to let her speak!

Q: Recently you snagged a role on The Red Green Show. How are you going to handle all the testosterone on set?

A: The real question is, “How are they gonna handle me?” I may be little, but I pack a lot of power. I’m like a superhero, my superpower is my genuine smile makes the boys weak every time.

Q: Which of the dames on Survivor would you most like to mud wrestle with?

A: It would have to be Elisabeth. People always seem to compare us I think I could take her.

Moon Chase’s Debut Voice Actors Sightings, Part One!

VA Sightings February 2007!

And here we are bringing you the old familiar fan favorite, the sightings of the North American Voice Artists! Our box of sightings is about to explode with all the news we’ve gathered, so without further ado, here we go!

We’ve had to split this into two parts. This is because we are trying to keep things organized for all the fans, but we are not allowed to have more than 200 characters worth in tags.

Music, Theatre, and Appearances:

Naz Edwards (Queen Beryl) recently performed in the Kerrytown Concert Hall’s fifth annual Wine, Women and Song concert. She and nine other singers sang a mix of jazz, cabaret, and classical songs at the Ann Arbor venue January 26th and 27th. The show was divided into four segments that sounded very intriguing , however none of us could actually attend the concert (none of us are close to Michigan). We’d love to hear from any fans that attended the show! Her CD ….If the Waiting Takes Years is not only just available at her official website but can also be found at which will ship outside the USA.

Accomplished jazz singer Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Mars #2 and Sailor Venus #2) will have a new album coming out in June of this year! And she recently published an entry on her blog about speaking at the Anime Ball at York Woods Library in which she got to meet lots of Sailor Moon fans young and old, and had a very bad experience with someone who didn’t care for jazz. We’re sending hugs to Emilie-Claire (we ♥ your tunes!) and we are so looking forward to your album! For anyone who would like to see Emilie-Claire perform on Canada AM in January of this year, she has posted a video on her official myspace as well as others at her official website . She also appeared on CBC’s new tv show Living (hosted by Mary Ito) in late January. Emilie-Claire can be seen next on March 20th in an Exclusive Food and Wine pairing event at the CN Tower , and will be performing a concert on March 24th at the Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar in Toronto .

Lyon Smith (Sapphire) made his debut at Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre as the sound designer for the world premiere of the play Generous. This play (written by Michael Healey) was a “comic exposé of selflessness in people who are highly unfamiliar with the concept.” It highlights the conflict that happens when a government collapses because of a vote of non-confidence, and what happens when people who normally are not generous, become overwhelmed with the desire to help in a time when there is potential for real change! The four two-part plays focused on different themes relating to power, from the corporate end, to the judicial end , to the political end. This sounds somewhat familiar to Canadians given our recent election history. The play ran from September 19 to October 29 at the downtown Toronto theatre.

Video games:

Superman Returns (for most platforms) is a game loosely based on the hit movie from last summer. Not only does it feature an arc from the movie, but it also features arcs from the past 60 years of the famous superhero comic, where such enemies like Mr. Mxyzptlk , Metallo, and Bizarro. While most critics agree this is the best Superman video game ever made, unfortunately it was not as good as it should be, just like other Superman games that had been released in the past. Many fans and critics were disgruntled because (Spoiler Warning!) The final boss was not an enemy but a Tornado! None of us have tried this game, if you have please tell us what you thought about it in the comments at the bottom! Robert Tinkler (Rubeus, Pupuran) plays various characters in this game.

Animated Series:

Let’s begin with some very , very good news! Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) stars as the pink kung-fu bunny Yin in Disney’s Yin Yang Yo! This was a brand new cartoon that debuted last fall as part of Disney’s Jetix lineup! And we have two pieces of news! The show is recorded in entirety in Canada, as well as animated up here for the most part, but Canadians never got the chance to see the show– well, set your TIVO’s for March 25th at precisely 6:54 am (fans should check their local schedules) for the show is FINALLY GOING TO MAKE IT’S DEBUT UP HERE ON FAMILY CHANNEL! The second piece of good news is that this cartoon was so well received in the USA and South America that it has been renewed for a second season ! Other VA’s in this star include Tony Daniels (Wiseman) as Ultimoose and Kraggler, Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon #3) as Saranoa , and Kathleen Laskey (Birdie) in various roles. We’d like to congratulate all the VA’s on this show and we wish them the best of luck in the second season!

Half-CG animated, half-anamatronic cartoon Wilbur premiered earlier this year on the CBC! The brainchild of three entrepreneurial moms from California , Wilbur is an 8 year old cow whose barnyard is his mind’s playground for adventure, song, and laughter! This educational cartoon promotes reading and a love for books. The show stars Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Young Darien, Peruru) as Wilbur.

Julie can also be heard with Linda Ballantyne in Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks , a children’s computer animated cartoon about big monster trucks in Crushington Park (isn’t that cute?). Meteor is an expeditionary rover, like those used to explore the Moon and Mars. Julie plays Meteor’s Mom, who in the second episode left to go explore Mars, and Linda plays Sinker. The show made it’s debut on Discovery Kids last fall.

Spider Riders
may be more familiar to the hardcore anime crowd as the English dub of Spider Riders ~the Heroes of Oracle~. This cartoon is about an elite clan of warriors that ride large, metallic spiders and battle against the giant, humanoid, villainous Invectid race, who plan to one day conquer Arachnia and destroy all human life. Lyon Smith plays Spider Rider Magma, and Julie Lemieux plays 11 year old Hunter Steele, a boy who is sucked into the world of Arachnia while on a hike. The show is currently on Kids WB! and Teletoon, check your local listings!

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