Sailor Moon Shoujo Spectacular in Massachusetts

sm_spectacular_promoFans in and near Cambridge, Massachusetts may be interested in checking out the “Sailor Moon Shojo Spectacular” on November 12th at Oberon. The 18+ event will include various performances inspired by Sailor Moon.

Here’s the press release from the organizers:


Get your sailor suits ready for an evening of music, burlesque, circus and art in celebration of the classic 90s anime Sailor Moon!

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight ~ the Sailor Moon Shoujo Spectacular is BACK for its second sugoi year! Join kawaii curators Amy Macabre and Jade Sylvan for an evening of performance dedicated to one of the most influential and long-lasting shoujo animes of all time––Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! Let out your inner magical girl on Wednesday, November 12th, at Oberon!

Including burlesque and circus tributes by Fonda Feeling; music by, Niki Luparelli, Jade Sylvan w/ special guest Nuda Veritas, Jade Plays Anime Theme Songs on the Harmonium; drag acts; live drawing by Zombie Romance; thoughtful words from Harvard Japanese Girl Culture scholar, Andrew Campana, and more!

Hosted by Queen Beryl AKA Amy Macabre

Plus, there’ll be an amazing COSTUME CONTEST with fabulous prizes sponsored by geek clothing company Kobra Kawaii! Dress to impress your superior mistress Queen Beryl and walk away with shoujo swag!

The organizers have also shared with us some videos from last year’s event:

Lesbian Tank Top plays “World Shaking”:

Mary Bichner and Planetary Quartet (also check out the related video of the audience singalong of the English theme!):

Fans can attend this year’s “Sailor Moon Shoujo Spectacular” on Wednesday, November 12th, at Oberon in Harvard Square, (2 Arrow St., Cambridge). Doors will open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8PM. Tickets range from $10-$15 (Standing room $10, Stools $12, Table seats $15)

If you attend this event, be sure to share your impressions with us!

If you know of other events like this, feel free to send us the details as we would be happy to share the info with Sailor Moon fans!

Fan Submission: Sailor Stars Inspired Music Album by Mary Birchner

Singer (and Sailor Moon fan) Mary Birchner shared this music video with us for her new single, “Throw Stones” which was inspired by Galaxia.

Her new album, Now The Spell Is Broken is being released today, October 27th. The album is inspired by the fifth season of Sailor Moon, so fans may find it an interesting listen!


Here’s a full description of the songs from Mary:

“Throw Stones” – inspired by Galaxia. In-depth description is here [CONTAINS SPOLIERS]
“Lost” – a trio sung from the perspective of the Starlights as they escape from Galaxia’s attack of their home planet. In this piece they wander the universe, bewildered and unsure where to go next.
“Incense Burner Lullaby” – lullaby sung from inside an incense burner by Princess Kakyuu to a sleeping Usagi, in the hopes of giving Usagi strength for her upcoming battle
“Finale” – inspired by the last moments of the final battle in episode 200, sung from Sailor Moon’s perspective as she attempts to free Galaxia’s spirit from Chaos’ clutches.

If you are interested in listening to or buying the album, you can do so from Mary’s Bandcamp page.

Now The Spell is Broken - Cover


Fan Creation: Piano Version of “My Only Love”

Lucy Li sent this to us a little while back, and we think that fans who like the song “My Only Love” might also enjoy this piano rendition of it.

Play the video below to have a listen!

Have you created something Sailor Moon related that you would like to share with other fans? Email us about it and we might share it here on the blog!

Emilie Barlow Nominated for a Juno

Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailor Venus #2) has been nominated for a Juno Award, for her latest album The Beat Goes On, in the category of Vocal Jazz Album of the Year. Her competition includes the late Jeff Healey (Last Call), Nikki Yanofsky (Nikki), Kellylee Evans (Nina), and Laila Biali (Tracing Light). According to Emilie’s official newsletter, despite just being released this past October, her album was one of the top 10 best selling jazz albums of 2010 and the album continues to top the charts in early 2011.

This is Emilie’s fourth Juno nomination, which she described as “icing on the cake. It’s just that extra bonus that you get, that kind of recognition. I’m going to continue making records, regardless if I win […] but it certainly gives you a boost.” She also said that “It’s great to be in a category that represents a lot of real musicians. People [who] are true consummate musicians.”

Since Emilie will be performing a show on tour on the night of the Juno Awards, she’ll be watching the television broadcast of the 40th annual awards show, along with other Canadians. The awards show will be airing from Toronto on Sunday, March 27th on CTV.

And from Emilie’s newsletter, here is a list of her upcoming tour dates:

Idol’s New Album Just For Mothers and Daughters!

Former Morning Musume member Nozomi Tsuji released her first solo album in Japan last week, geared especially towards mothers and daughters! Minna Happy! Mama no Uta (Everybody’s Happy! Mama’s Songs) is a cover album of anime theme songs from Nozomi’s childhood. Included on the album is (of course) the Sailor Moon theme song, as well as songs from My Neighbor Totoro, Chibi Maruko-Chan, and Anpanman. She has also released her own song on the album, “Chibi Devil” and fans can watch a music video for that here!

While this news may seem like small potatoes, we’re reporting this for the simple reason that we’re a little irked. There’s no Sailor Moon merchandise available in Japan except for the DVD boxsets and manga. When Sailor Moon’s resurgence began in Japan, the Japanese press release all stated that this was going to be a chance for mothers to enjoy this with a new generation of fans – their daughters. All there was to celebrate this resurgence was a cooking class and a DVD launch event reuniting the 5 main stars of the show. Nozomi Tsuji’s album with it’s brief hint of Sailor Moon seems to be the only other thing that mothers can do to enjoy the series with their daughters (aside from watching the episodes on DVD or on ANIMAX). But where are the dolls? Where are the costumes and clothes? Somehow, we think that this lack of merchandise means that the kids of this generation won’t be able to connect the same way that we did with the show, and that some of the experiences that the mothers probably want to share with their daughters related to Sailor Moon might be missed out on this time around.