Hollywood Sailor Sightings!

Penelope Cruz Bears Striking Resemblance to… Sailor Pluto?!

Pedro Almodovar’s Los Abrazos Rotos (or better known in English as Broken Embraces) is making waves around the world, and just recently closed the New York Film Festival. An Italian fan named Federica Bernasconi was reading the November issue of Ciak, and noticed something familiar in a still from the film. More specifically, the dress that the film’s star, Penelope Cruz is wearing. Sailor Pluto fans might recognize the dress too! The Guardian of Time was drawn wearing a dress that seems to have been re-created in this film almost perfectly! All Penelope is missing are those crystal earrings, and that champagne flute for an extra touch of class! One article had the nerve to say that “Cosplay Mania” is starting to infect the cinema! All fearful symmetry aside, there’s another facet to this interesting choice of costume; it is rumored that costume designer Sonia Grande may be a fan of Sailor Moon. Was this a coincidence or could this have been planned?

Often Imitated, But Never Quite Duplicated!

These next two sightings are somehow assumed to look like Sailor Moon… but, we have to disagree. The first one comes from Project Runway. In this season’s 10th episode, Michael Kors came to the remaining designers with his “inspiraton challenge”. Designers had to pick a location and use it as inspiration for their outfit. Designer Logan Neitzel picked Hollywood, and didn’t quite design anything great. What we can’t understand is how this blogger with the Daily Loaf thinks that the outfit resembled Sailor Moon. Seriously? When was the last time Sailor Moon wore something that tacky? Asian Model + sailor-type ropey neckline + suspenders ≠ Sailor Moon.The second one comes from the hit FOX TV show, Glee. Never seen this show, but it seems that one character’s cute outfit was reminiscent of Sailor Moon. In the 5th episode The Rhodes Not Taken, Rachel was spotted during the bowling scene by this blogger wearing a shirt that had a half-blue, half-red, collar and scarf painted directly on it, and a short blue skirt. She tries more to look something like Minako in her school uniform, but we’re not diggin’ the red and blue split sides too much. That skirt’s a little too bright to be considered Sailor Moon fare too. But, if she was trying to pull off the Sailor Moon schoolgirl look, we think she deserves an E for effort. Next time, try wearing something with a real collar??

Keiko Kitagawa : Finding Fame in Her Own Way!

Real Sports Web posted an interesting editorial about Keiko Kitagawa, and how her clean past is keeping her with her agency, Stardust Promotion. The agency recently dropped one of its “breadwinner” stars, Erika Sawajiri over allegations of drug abuse. Given the recent arrests of many stars in Japan for drug abuse, Stardust is axing any star with even the slightest hint of a drug problem. The article then talked about how Keiko is now playing many leading roles, such as the recent TV Drama Buzzer Beat, and in her very first Japanese period movie, Hana no Ato. We have a beautiful shot of her from this movie featured today (more can be found here)! Keiko will be featured next in the movie Elevator To The Gallows. She has been called a starlet who is “a step ahead of today’s generation”. Originally, she had been a local model, but later transitioned to drama. Playing Sailor Mars in PGSM was her first role, however in recent times her agency has tried to keep knowledge of that at bay. Keiko has never been one to show very much of her body, and the article makes special mention that she is the only star of PGSM who has not turned to the world of gravure idols (and makes specific mention of Miyuu Sawaii in this context). However, because there were a few shots of her bloomers, this has somewhat taken away from her wholesome image. However, now that Keiko has a more “developed figure” and that she is now a more respected model, this isn’t a huge deal anymore (though some still think that PGSM is an obscure credit). The writer ends the article hoping that Keiko tries more, and that she also cosplays a bit in the future.

In Japanese society though, gravure idols aren’t seen as being “dirty” like they are perceived in North American culture. For many girls in fact, the only way for them to really get their start in the industry most times is to get into gravure modeling. We have to admire Keiko Kitagawa for avoiding these things largely and becoming a respected star in Japan. Fans, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Keiko necessarily made the wrong decision in not pursuing a gravure career after PGSM ended?

Kotono Mitsuishi’s Latest Anime Movie Role!

We just had to share this with you all! Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon) has a new role in an upcoming anime movie, which looks like it might be a good one to watch. Buddha Saitan (The Rebirth of Buddha) is set to be released in theaters on October 17th. This tells the story of 17-year-old Tianhe Sayoko, a sophomore in high school who aspires to be a journalist. When a journalist that he looks up to commits suicide, he wonders about ghosts and life beyond the grave, and what life is worth in the present. Kotono plays Tianhe’s crush, 28-year-old actress Mari Kimura. We think you fans will be pleasantly surprised when you see this promotional video we found of the actors and crew! Fast forward to about 1:10 (look who’s infamous line makes an appearance!). The neat thing about this production is that it looks like the animation was a joint collaboration between Americans and Japanese – perhaps we might even see this movie here? Part 1 of the video can be seen here, and there’s a short intro to her character around 4:40-4:45. We look forward to watching this retelling of the story of Buddha and we hope to see it soon!

Triple Dose of Sugar!

Hey Moonies! We’ve got three big pieces of Sugar news! Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) is making it big on the silver screen, as well as youtube!

Our first dose: Pineapple?! For those of our readers who are into R-rated stoner flicks, you may be surprised that she appears briefly in one. Sug can be seen in the beginning of Pineapple Express, walking around an office with a ton of files in her hand behind Seth Rogen. It’s a little hard to catch since this scene flies by pretty quickly. We’re not going to say much else about this movie except that our readers shouldn’t watch this – it’s more than earned its ‘R’ rating. This screenshot comes from Emily, and you can see Sug just behind Seth!

Second dose: funny has a serious side! I finally saw Funny People last week, and having seen a few “typical” Seth Rogen comedies (and others like it), I have to say this one was pretty good. The potty humor was a bit overused in places, but once anyone can get past that, it was a pretty good film. Sugar is featured in a Thanksgiving dinner scene, and you hear her laugh a lot during George Simmons’ (Adam Sandler) toast. She is sitting right next to him! I was hoping to see her in some other scenes but I guess that wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless it was nice to see her on the silver screen – when she came on I pointed her out to the friend I had gone with :). Once again, this movie is a little mature, but it is one to go see. It isn’t as bad as some of the critics are saying it is!

Third dose: A generous helping of Sugar on YouTube! Stephanie posted a video on youtube at the beginning of this month, which she not only stars in, but she produced! The Sad Street Performer features her in a tiger costume, performing almost anything for a dollar. Then she meets a donkey…and “de-donkeys” him… Sug takes most of the credit for this short, silent, film, and it looks like some of her friends helped her shoot this at Venice Beach. We’ve got it below for you all to see!


Hey Moonies! Why not celebrate the return of Sailor Moon by supporting one of the most well-loved voices of the Engish version today? Judd Apatow’s Funny People is in theaters today and Stephanie Beard (Rini #2) is featured in a Thanksgiving dinner scene. From what we have heard, she can be seen and heard laughing louder than Adam Sandler! This small appearance is huge news for us Sailor Moon fans since this has been a big year for Sugar. After what seemed like an eternity without seeing her anywhere, she voiced a special character on an entire episode of King of the Hill, and now we get to see a glimpse of her on the silver screen. Congrats, Sug! And we totally know you will rock your next audition!