Want a Preview of Sailor Moon x ANIMO?

Toei has posted a link on their 20th Anniversary page to a preview of Sailor Moon x ANIMO, which is currently only available to Japanese mobile subscribers at smoon.jp. This preview shows a few of the wallpapers, icons, episode clips, icons, and even signal strength meters that are available on the service. This only makes us that much more jealous of Japanese cell phone users! Click the image for a larger version!

Breaking News: Sailor Moon Goes Mobile!

Just when we were wishing that Sailor Moon could give a moondusting to whoever is attacking the social networks today (yes, even Facebook is giving us lag!) we are alerted to another big, big, press release out of Japan. If you are on NTT Docomo, AU, or Softbank in Japan, and you have a specific cell phone, you can access http://smoon.jp. Sailor Moon now has a mobile website (known as 「セーラームーン☆ANiMO」), where fans can download short flash segments of episodes, ringtones, wallpapers, and other themes to make your entire phone Sailor Moon themed. There are many other series on the ANiMO service, however even we are quite surprised at how quickly this has come about since the announcements are barely over a week old! All 200 episodes will be available on this service, and cell phone users have a choice of a few different monthly packages.¥105 will get you 100 points, ¥315 will get you 300 points, and ¥525 will get you 500 points for the service per month. The service began today. If any of our readers in Japan qualify to at least preview this mobile site, we’d love to hear from you! We have posted a screenshot of what some of this looks like, from Toei’s site. How many of you are jealous reading this? We sure are!