Sailor Moon Finds on eBay #5!

Here we come bringing you our most interesting finds on Ebay since the last update!

The Best (and Most Expensive) Items:

Super Hueg Kawaii Plushie Lot!
Sailor Moon Sceptre from Super S Series!
Sailor Moon Lockets!
Sailor Moon Handheld Video Game!
Luna-P Ball!
A resin set of all the Inners in Chibi Form!

Best Bargains:
Sailor Moon Oshibori Cloth for Bento!
A Sailor Moon figure from Italy!
A sticker album from Spain!
A Sailor Moon Backpack!
BESM lot featuring Sailor Moon
Some cards that probably came in a Morinaga food product with Sailor Moon emblazoned all over it!

Things that made us go O.o.:

If you can’t tell the difference between Sailor Moon and Bratz, then we really don’t know what to say!
Though it might have been cool to have a playset based on Episode 67, this might have been more believable if the fukus had Bows!
These flip flops are just tacky , licensed or not!
There’s just something odd about this watch!
This young Usagi model is cute but we don’t know if it’s real or not!
Which Sailor Senshi had a fish brooch?

Best of the Rest:

Set of two Sailor Moon bowls!
A rare Sailor Star Healer Keychain!
A Rare Sailor Moon Lunch Playset!
Used North American Sailor Moon CDs (including Full Moon Collection!
The cutest Sailor Senshi Magnet set we’ve ever seen!
A Sailor Moon Light-up Vanity Case from Irwin!
A Sailor Moon Bendable Figure!
A lot of 5 Mini Plushies!
A lot of Luna-P and Luna plush!
A lot of 8 Sailor Moon Mini Plushies!
A lot featuring some rare Sailor Moon glasses!
A rare Sailor Moon R plush – Princess Serenity!
An unopened package of Sailor Moon Trading Seals from Japan!
Some rare laser-cut metal cards from Japan!

Sailor Moon Finds on eBay #4!

We found so many items this week that we’re about to burst with our biggest hunt yet! Here come 50 links!

Greatest of the Expensive Items:

There’s quite a few this week!

A set of Sailor Moon Plushes!
Gashapon set featuring the ultra hard-to-find Sailor V!
Yet another Sailor Moon Hockey Jersey.

Best Bargains:

A set of Sailor Moon Plushes!
Gashapon set featuring the ultra hard-to-find Sailor V!
Yet another Sailor Moon Hockey Jersey.

Things that make us go O.o.:

A shortened, fake, Sailor Moon Wig.
What is this toy?
What is in this ‘Mystery Box’?
This piggy bank is definitely fake!
Doujinshi Fax Paper – yes it’s cute but aren’t faxes dying?
This soda is official but what is Sailor Uranus WEARING? Those aren’t her official colors!
These are definitely fake figures.
A Sailor Moon Festival Mask we’re not quite sure is a knockoff or not.
This isn’t any Senshi we know!
Sailor Moon No Smoking stickers!

Best of the Rest:

A rare Sailor Stars Calendar!
A rare Manga book Calendar
Sailor Moon envelopes used for Lucky Money during Chinese New Year! More Lucky Money Envelopes!
Sailor Moon Bento Onigiri Boxes!
Sailor Moon spoon and fork set from PGSM era!
A rare Sailor Venus Fork!
The entire Tokyopop Sailor Moon Manga Release!
Irwin Sailor Saturn at a bargain price!
Rare lot of Sailor Moon Beef Curry and Bubble Gum!
Sailor Moon R Glass Tumbler!
Sailor Moon Mug with Figure!
Sailor Moon Cel from the first opening!
Sailor Moon PJs for that special Chibi-Moonie!
Limited Edition PGSM Sailor Moon Figure!
Most if not all of the Sailor Moon Comic Magazines from Germany
A complete box of Sailor Moon Dart Flipcards trading cards!
A complete box of Sailor Moon Action Flipz cards!
A complete box of Sailor Moon Trading Cards Series 3!
A golden jewellery box from Sailor Stars!
A rare (and expensive) artbook!
Blue Sailor Moon wrapping paper!
Yellow Sailor Moon wrapping paper!
Sailor Moon mini stamps!
Sailor Moon washcloth and container!
Sailor V manga in German!
Sailor Moon R Cel featuring Ann!
Sailor Moon Cake Figures from Europe!
Sailor Moon long sleeved shirt!
A Chibi-Usa Iron!
An incredibly cute Artemis Cel!
Rare, collectible, Sailor Moon plush keychains!
Ten rare Sailor Moon plush keychains!
Sailor Starlights Plushes!

We’re all shopped out just looking at all of this!

Sailor Moon Finds on eBay #3!

Time to see what 25 items we found lurking on Ebay this time around!

Greatest of the Expensive Items:

That artbook we mentioned in the last update is still there and topping the pricelist. So for something different, here are two items that caught our eye!

ALED_W0QQitemZ190099797156QQihZ009QQcategoryZ2291QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> The complete first and second seasons, dubbed and from Australia . **I mention this item because due to distribution problems back in the day many places did not see these dvds. If you have a region free dvd player and still wish to own this, this is your best option. Australia was one of the last countries to lose the rights and these DVDs are popping up all over the web. Yes this is pricey but it’s better than paying Best of the Cheap Items:

Items That Make Us Go O.o.:

Best of the Rest!

We found a whole bunch of teenybopper cosmetics from Spain!

hZ002QQcategoryZ1469QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> Sailor Venus Body Glitter

ategoryZ1469QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> Sailor Moon Nail Polish

0099648646QQihZ020QQcategoryZ11119QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> A Rare Pencil Board – This poster hangs in Sailordees’ office!

99650340QQihZ020QQcategoryZ11119QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> Sailor Moon Markers!

300099664904QQihZ020QQcategoryZ11119QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> A rare Luna Message Clip

220099582487QQihZ012QQcategoryZ106919QQrdZ1QQcmdZ”> A cute Sailor Venus Mini Board Book!

QQihZ004QQcategoryZ11119QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> Set of 5 Sailor Moon Crystal Figurines!

QcategoryZ106919QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting”> A Coffee Mug from Japan!

220099600685QQihZ012QQcategoryZ106919QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting”> Sailor Moon Pendant Set

0870815QQihZ005QQcategoryZ11119QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem”> Sailor Moon Vanity Desk!

And sadly we bring this shopping trip to a close for now!

Weird and Wonderful Sailor Moon Stuffs on eBay #2!

Here it comes everyone! Your Bi-weekly scavenge of Ebay for strange and treasured Sailor Moon Merchandise!

Greatest of the Cheap Items:
Pencil Cases and Pencils – From Japan!

Most Expensive Item:
We found two this week that we thought were way too overpriced!
Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook – Yes we know this is rare but a grand is still too much!

Both of the ADV subbed boxsets – $750 is too much to pay, used or new!

Best of the Rest:

A Special Edition Pin Set – Released (we assume) coinciding with the S-season.

Sailor Moon Bedsheets – a must have for a Sailor Moon fan with a twin-sized bed!

Tuxedo Mask Wallet – For all those times your boyfriend won’t give you money!

Unopened Dart Flipcards Box – Missing any cards in your collection? There’s a good chance it will be in here!

A Rare Clear File – This was a bonus in an issue of Nakayoshi.

Pegasus Scepter – Produced in Germany!

Sailor Moon Vanity – Now your Sailor Moon dolls and figures can have their own vanity to prim themselves!

Sailor Moon Cake Party Set – This makes the Easy Bake oven seem so much less cool~

Sailor Moon’s Transformation Pen! – Note: This product may not actually transform you into anyone you want.

Sailor Moon Settai Lot – These drawings were made by the studio to use as references for animating.

Sailor Moon Album Figurine – We’re not sure what this is,it might be a photo album or some figures. If any of you know, please contact us!

Rare Locket Set – Also a bonus in Nakayoshi!

Prism Box and Hankerchief – Also rare from Japan!

Sailor Moon Backpack – A North American Item for that special kindergartner in your life!

Manga Card File – This too, was a bonus with Nakayoshi!

Sailor Moon Chopsticks and Spoon – Perfect for School Lunches!

Sailor Chibi-Moon Pen – This is adorable!

And so ends this column! Who knows what the next one will bring?

Moon Chase’s Debut Best Sailor Moon Finds on eBay!

Here we bring you the most interesting Sailor Moon related items on Ebay! Some of these links may be expired, but we are sharing them with you nonetheless to show you just what interesting Sailor Moon merchandise has been created!

Best of the cheap items:

German Queen Beryl Doll – The Europeans had better merchandise than Irwin!

Most Expensive Item:
A Rare Artbook – We’ve seen these at conventions sell for between 50-100. This price is insane!


Sailor Moon Cels For Charity! -this kind user is selling a lot of cool Sailor Moon cels , with a portion of the final sale price being donated to Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education (DARE)!

Best of the Rest:

Bandai Playdia – A console, a Sailor Moon video game, and an Ultraman videogame, at a dirt cheap price!

Chibi-Usa Cosplay and Karaoke Toy! for the Chibi-Usa fan in your life!

Sailor Moon Pizza Cycle! – Yes, you too can have toy pizza with Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon Cosplay Odangoes Headband – For all of us who don’t want to hurt ourselves trying to tie those things!

A lot – There’s some rare items not even we have heard of in here!

Sailor Moon Roulette Fortune Teller – Who needs a psychic to tell the future when you’ve got Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon Parking Sign – This would be funny to stick in a parking lot on April Fools’ Day!

A Gorgeous Sailor Moon Cel – Why must all the best cels cost so much :’(.

Sailor Moon Notebooks! – These will make you the coolest kid in school!

Original Nakayoshi Manga – A must for anyone who is a Sailor Moon Manga Buff!

Most of the Mixx Comics – Look soon for a story on Tokyopop on this site!

Rare Keychains – Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon rare set!

Sailor Moon Rain Coat! Don’t you wish you were seven years old so you could wear this to school?

Sailor Moon Styling Dolls – way better than playing with a Barbie!

A Rare Cel from the SS Movie – that perfect addition to any fan’s collection!

A puzzle! We aren’t quite sure what part of the world this one comes from!

This ends our inaugural Ebay scavenge! Moon Chase will be trying its very best to post one biweekly!