Ebay Wrangle #8

We got very lucky this week and can bring you a full sized update!

Items That Will Break Your Bank:
Queen Serenity Cel (Rare)!
A Rare Soundtrack CD from Germany!

Bargain Items:
Play-a-Sound Book, Figure, and Invitations!
An Art Book that should cost a lot more?
Super Famicom Game!

Best of the Rest:
Where is Xiao Ling Jing’s Little Happy World?
Light-up Figure from Germany!
Notebook, Planner, and Stickers!
German Comics and Bonuses!
Lot of Official CD Releases from Japan!
☼ Pocket Games 1 ,2 , & 3!
Sailor Moon View Finder!
Original Sailor Moon Laser Discs from Japan!
Set of Sailor Moon Watches!
Quite possibly the tackiest top we’ve ever seen yet!
Rare Girls T-Shirt!
Palace Complete with Several Figures!
Sailor Moon Chopsticks!
Melvin/Umino Cel!
Sailor Moon Labeler!
Quiz World Toy!
Photo Album!
Sketch Kit!
Sailor Moon Socks!
Rare Luna and Usagi Framed Cel!
Sailor Moon Quilt!
Rare Colored Pens (possibly gel pens)!
Sailor Moon Watch!
Rare Sailor Moon Plush!
Sleeping Bag and Books!
Sailor Moon Slippers!
Some More Sailor Moon Watches!
Full set of Sailor Moon Twin Bedding!
Rare set of Gashapon at an affordable price!
Sailor Moon Pencil Case, Pencil, Leads, Ruler, and Erasers!
Journal with Lock!
Markers, Scissors and a Sharpner!
Sailor Moon Washcloth and Hand Towel!
Rare Nakayoshi Bracelet and Necklace set!
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars Cell Phone Straps!
Bento Fork and Spoon!
Chibi-Usa Makeup Bag!

Ebay Quicklist!

Best Bargains:
Sailor Moon Tokyopop Manga!
Sailor Moon: Songs From the Hit TV Series!

Most Expensive:
A lot of cards and pins!
Sailor Saturn doll!
A cel of Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka!

Odd Items:

These chopsticks look like they were a bonus for something with the different cartoon characters!
This wand looks fake.
Sailor Moon Manga Saucers!

Best of the Rest:
Original Laserdiscs of the first season!
Light-up figures!
A rare plush of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen sitting on the Moon!
Sailor Jupiter ring!
Sailor Stars Christmas Single!
Sailor Moon Bento!
Sailor Chibi-Moon and Message Board Plush!
Sailor Moon Comforter!
Mini Sailor Moon Case!
Sailor Moon Mailing Labels!
Full Set of Finger Puppets!

Quick Ebay Finds!

Hey Moonies- this week has been particularly hard for Sailordees as not one, but two computers broke (when it rains, it pours)! But the good news is I have fixed my “Plan C” Computer to be somewhat up to par with one of them! So I will be bringing you a short eBay update today and a few commercials within the next couple days. We still are working to resolve the issues with the cut links appearing where they shouldn’t be.

But for now though, here are nine notable items!

Sailor Moon Stars Coasters!
Eternal Sailor Moon Toothbrush!
Rare Kodansha Usagi and Chibi-Usa Plush Set!
Sailor Moon Perfume Bottles!
Sailor Senshi Glass Mug!
Sailor Moon handkerchief from Nakayoshi Magazine!
An older Sailor Moon T-shirt that is good as new!
Sailor Moon Puzzles lot!

And the Big Kahuna of them all…
A Jun-Jun Doll!

eBay Wrangle #7

It seems to have been a long time since we’ve done one of these!

Most Expensive Items:
☼Transformation wands for Sailors Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus!
Eternal Sailor Moon and Starlights Figures!

Best Bargains:
PGSM Sailor Venus Cosplay Hair Kit!
Artemis Plush!
Sailor Moon Magnets!
Lunchbox, Binder, and Keychain!

Other Neat Finds:
Rare set of Neo-Queen Serenity and Black Lady keychains!
Sailor Moon ink stampers!
Two rare foil cards!
11 Foil Cards!
Fuchsia T-shirt!
Sailor Moon Candles!
Sailor Jupiter Necklace!
Sailor Moon Viewmaster Reels!
Chibi-Usa’s Time Key!
Sailor Moon Nail Polish Toy!
PGSM cutlery set!
Another ink stamper set!
A cute Sailor Moon dress for little girls!
Play-a-Sound Storybook!
Sailor Moon Sticker Albums!
Lot including Valentines!
Sailor Moon plastic drawstring bag!
Sailor Moon clothing and toy lot!
Sailor Moon drinking glasses!
Child’s Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon tank top!
Sailor Moon stationary!
Sailor Moon bandages!
Long-sleeved Sailor Moon shirt!
Sailor Moon Watch!
Sailor Stars tote!
Sailor Moon bedding!
Sailor Moon Jewelry Box!
Moon Princess resin kit!
☼Jewelry boxes for Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus!

eBay Wrangle #6!

Apologies for the late arrival of this – I have had a couple other articles in the works but unfortunately dealing with a very serious computer problem has hindered my ability to get these going. It is therefore for this reason that this will be shorter than usual. Fear not though, because some items really jived and there is a special section devoted to them! For those who missed it , Amazon has finally removed the Sailor Moon Boxset – Scroll down to the **** around Edit #2. Thanks again to every fan who made their voices heard!

Without further ado…

Most Expensive Items:
Uranus and Neptune Transformation Wands Under $700!
Eternal Sailor Moon Wand!
Chibi-Usa’s Stallion Reve!
Sailor Moon SuperS Doll!

Best Bargains:

A very good, fan-made Sailor Venus Henshin Wand!
A Sailor Venus Puzzle!
A really interesting fan-made recreation of the Moon Kingdom Ruins!
Official Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus resin kits!

Other Neat Finds:
Sailor Moon Sweatshirt complete with Chibi-Usa Iron!
A rare printing plate from DART Flipcards!
This is not a T-Shirt?!
Sailor Moon shorts!
Sailor Moon Markers from Canada!
Neo-Queen Serenity Necklace!
Helios Necklace!
Chibi-Moon Figure Mug!
Princess Chibi-Usa Lunch Bag!
A Sailor Moon Eraser from the 40th Anniversary of Nakayoshi Magazine!
Sailor Moon Cases also from the 40th Anniversary of Nakayoshi Magazine!
A Postcard Book from Europe!
A Rare Sailor Moon Pattern Book that shows you how to knit your own costumes!
A Rare SuperS Board Game with 7 games in one!

Special Section: Have your very own Sailor Moon Themed… Kitchen?
Measuring Spoons!
Veggie Peeler!
Cutting Board and Knife!
Measuring Cup!
Oven Glove and Towel!
A Bento Box!
And another Bento Box!
PGSM Chopsticks!
Oshibori Cloth for Bento!