Fall Moonie News

So, this article is going to sum up what’s been going on in the last little while. This will be the last article until the next time any of us has the time to work on the site. Rest assured though, we always have our eyes on Sailor Moon (just that there aren’t enough hours in a day to work, travel, watch, and write about Sailor Moon). This update was written by 3 members of our staff. Teamwork FTW!

Kodansha USA’s Manga Rises!

(The Me) We will get to our review as time permits. Everyone on staff has copies of the manga now, just that time is a problem again. We like what we see so far though! The books are about 10% bigger in width and height than the original Japanese books. Both Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V have also been dominating sales lists (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3), which is not without consequences. Despite fears that the books have been pulled from shelves, the real problem is that people are snatching them up and stocks are running low at the moment. Amazon as well as some independent distributors are experiencing a stock shortage (we learned from our contact at Kodansha USA yesterday), but for the time being Barnes and Noble seems to have a decent stock left. A big thank you goes to all the fans who’ve helped put Sailor Moon at the top of the charts! Not only has it beat such titles as Negima, Pokemon, Full Metal Alchemist, xxxHolic, and One Piece, but it’s knocked chart topper Naruto’s 52nd volume down to #3 and it has even beat new titles from Marvel Comics and DC Comics! Thanks to everyone who has showed their support for our beloved Odango Atama, the companies are getting a clear message that Sailor Moon is just as, if not even more popular than it was the first time around! We are still waiting for the list of retailers. And fans, please do your part and support the official releases. Supporting official releases sends a strong message to everyone of fans’ desires for legitimate releases of Sailor Moon.

Terri Hawkes Appearing in Florida!

(Moonie1995) There is good news for English Sailor Moon fans who became fans of the show with the original DIC dub back in the 1990’s. Terri Hawkes, who voiced Sailor Moon for most of the original DIC run, as well as the 3 Sailor Moon movies, will be the Guest of Honor at Florida Anime Experience 2012 in Orlando (dated May 27-29, 2012). This appearance marks Terri Hawkes first convention in 11 years as well as her first U.S. convention. For fans of the original English dub, the voice of Terri Hawkes is synonymous to the Sailor Moon experience, and it will definitely be a treat for anime fans in Orlando to learn about her experiences voicing one of anime’s most popular characters. Our image we have here is from her last live-action movie appearance – 2004’s math and psychological thriller Cube Zero.

Sailor Moon Rocks Hot Topic!
(Sailordees) I have been fortunate enough to get every shirt Hot Topic has released, as well as the costume! So here come my one sentence reviews on everything. White Sailor Moon Logo Girls T-Shirt – Love it, nice to see something based on the R-series, wish it wasn’t so see-through. Black Sailor Moon Sailor Senshi Girls T-Shirt – Love it, I’ve worn this one a few times out and about, I wish Sailor Mercury’s hair wasn’t so green and that it wasn’t so see through. Black Sailor Moon Purrrfect Girls T-Shirt – this shirt looks a lot less cheezy in real life compared to what you see on the screen, nice to see something with the cats, wish (again) it wasn’t so see through. Grey Sailor Moon Hero Girls T-Shirt – of all the shirts, this is my least favourite; Sailor Moon was also always known to save the day and Tuxedo Mask was more of a helper, and he never really seemed like much of a hero to me; once again this design looks a lot nicer in real life than it does on the screen, and wish that this too, was not so see through. Black and White Sailor Moon Group Girls Raglan – a week and a half ago, I made a day trip to a mall with one of the biggest Hot Topic stores in the nation and to my surprise this was there; I love the retro look of this design, but once again I wish it wasn’t so see through and I wish that the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt had cuffs and hems sewn; I won’t be wearing this until I have access to a sewing machine so that the material doesn’t fray. Also at said mall was the Sailor Moon Costume by Leg Avenue – I was surprised at how well made this costume was and I think any cosplayer will be satisfied with this costume; the headpieces don’t look as cheap as they do on the video, and this is actually roomier than all of the tshirts; I was pleasantly surprised but I still think it isn’t worth the steep price tag (maybe about 20 bucks less). And finally, the White Sailor Moon Costume Tee (yes, this is what it is officially called) that isn’t online yet – this is actually a little more wider cut than the other shirts so those who found the other tshirts a little too snug may actually be able to get into this one; again, wish it wasn’t so see through, but neat idea for those of us who want to dress more casually on Halloween. For those who are having a tough time finding this tshirt, some have it on display but not out on the shelves. The people at my local HT were nice enough to go pull one out from the back for me last weekend (thank you, you two know who you are and I’ll probably see you again soon). The SKU for the tshirt is 19537004 for those of you who are wanting to know when your local store will stock it. I have heard it was supposed to be online but I don’t see it up yet (EDIT: Here it is!). On the bright side, many stores are getting rid of their tank tops and camis from the summer, so fans have lots of options to make sure that only the characters on the shirts are being seen and nothing else.

Oh, and I have some big news for you all from Emily (who contacted our contact at Hybrid Apparel last weekend)! The mens tshirt was finally shipped from Hybrid Apparel to Hot Topic and should be in stores in a week or so! The mens sizes at Hot Topic are a lot more forgiving than the womens, so hopefully everyone can fit into this one!

And Finally…

As if that announcement wasn’t enough, we have a new interview on the way! John Stocker has been a director of cartoons from all over the spectrum, but he will be best known to fans as the director of the 3 Sailor Moon movies, as well as the S and SuperS seasons. We are delighted to have this opportunity! Fans are limited to two questions each, but please don’t ask any questions that everyone is probably going to ask (what was your favorite episode and/or character, will you return for Sailor Stars etc.) because those are already on our master list. Remember, don’t feel like you are limited to just asking about Sailor Moon since he has worked on so many other shows as well. We will set the deadline for getting your questions in to 12 AM on November 1st. Leave your questions and a name we can credit you with as a comment here, on our forums, or send us an email at moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZKTHXgmail.com with “John Stocker” in the subject line. Do not leave your questions on our Facebook page as they will get lost easily. We will not be going through those posts and looking for fan questions.

Oh yeah, and we are keeping our fingers crossed. A week ago we got an official sign that things are moving in a very positive direction for something. Stay patient, Moonies.


This day is finally upon us – Moonies, do your part to support Sailor Moon and Sailor V today by going out and purchasing these manga from your store of choice! We would like to take this time to thank some very important people. First, to Daniel Mani, Tomoko Suga, and President Yoshio Irie of Kodansha America – thank you for reading our Operation Moonrise Manga report in February of 2010. We were absolutely ecstatic with the announcement in March and we could not have been prouder for the renewal editions of both Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V finally being released in North America. To Dallas Middaugh and the team at Random House, thank you for a job well done in ensuring that this release went as smoothly as possible. And last (but certainly not least), thanks to Naoko Takeuchi for allowing the manga to return to North America! Thanks to all our readers who participated in Operation Moonrise Phase 3, as well as our letter writing campaign to Kodansha – your efforts were paramount to bringing Sailor Moon fans everywhere the joy they are going to experience from today until the end of the manga’s run.

We can’t keep up with every party that is being held in celebration of this occasion, so we recommend our fans check out our Facebook page. We have opened up a discussion topic for fans to share of release parties in their area. If you know of one that has not been posted, please feel free to post it there!

Go forth and “Sailor-brate”, Moonies!

Comic-Con to Feature Guests from Kodansha and Random House!

For Covers of Sailor Moon Vol.1 and Codename: Sailor V Vol. 1our Moonie fans who are headed to San Diego’s Comic Con from July 21-24, we have an appearance that you might want to attend!  Though there is no one appearing related to the Sailor Moon anime this year, there are two very important people attending related to the Sailor Moon manga.  The first is Dallas Middaugh, an Associate Publisher at Random House who is handling a lot of the aspects of the upcoming Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V releases (side note: also one of our Moon Chase contacts!), and Kumi Shimizu, the General Manager of Kodansha Comics USA.  Their panel will also have information about other upcoming manga titles alongside Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V such as Bloody Monday, Cage of Eden, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shugo Chara Chan! and Love Hina.  This panel will be in Room 23ABC from 4:00-5:00 PM on Thursday, July 21st.  Any moonies who are able to attend Comic-Con, please let us know how the panel goes!  For more information please check out the official schedule here.  Fans can check out information about all of Kodansha’s upcoming titles at the official website for Kodansha Comics USA here.

And on another side note, people and companies involved with the anime, video game, and manga are fully aware of (and dismayed by) fan translations of Sailor Moon works.  It has been a topic of communication between us and them in the last month. Please do your part to support official releases – many are hurt over what is happening in the fandom (and even we were surprised to learn how well fingers were placed on the pulse of the fandom from those we have communicated with).  A common thread between all the conversations we have had is that the people who are trying to bring you Sailor Moon are hurt by these efforts and wonder if they are real fans who are doing this, because real fans wouldn’t try to take away from official releases now that they are a reality.  We were further surprised when we learned who exactly knew about all of these translations, and we can’t imagine their pain at this moment. We haven’t really known what to say in the face of this because we’re not the ones doing it, and we can’t make it stop, but we thought we’d pass along the message of “Yes they know about these translations and they are hurt, so please don’t support unofficial releases.”

France to Get Sailor Moon Manga (and sadly it won’t be from Glénat)

Pauvre Groupe Glénat In a new interview from Krinein Magazine with the editors of Glénat manga from France, the company kept their promise to keep fans updated about the whereabouts of the Sailor Moon manga. It also stands to be mentioned that Glénat also had a distributing arm in Quebec, so many of their titles reached Canadian Francophone manga fans.   Here is our translation of the question and answer in English :

Sailor Moon:

Fan: It is Glénat who is the French editor of Sailor Moon and Sailor V, I would like to know why Sailor Moon is no longer in the Glénat manga catalogue, and also because the sales of the manga in Quebec are almost exhausted.

Glénat:  We promised to keep you all aware of the situation since the author has recovered all of the rights.  The answers are beginning to come to us, and unfortunately we will not be the publisher of the next version of Sailor Moon.  You will have to ask other editors to see who has won the contract.  Of course, this is a disappointment for us, but these are the rules of the game.

So the question now becomes, who does have the rights to the manga?  Our bet is that it might be Pika Édition, since they already have the rights to several other Kodansha titles including Negima, Shugo Chara, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Love Hina.  Pika Édition also has a distributing arm in Canada for Francophone manga fans.  But, this is all speculation until an official announcement is made.  France and Francophone fans should still rejoice – after a very long wait there is finally some movement on the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga!

Hunter X Hunter to Return & New Interview with Yoshihiro Togashi!

A rumor which had been floating around for a few weeks now was finally confirmed yesterday! Not long ago, we shared the news with you of the publishing of two new volumes, and we can now confirm that Hunter X Hunter will return from another long hiatus this August! New chapters from Yoshihiro Togashi will once again be published in Shueisha’s Jump Magazine in Japan. Though the length of the run has not been announced, we would not be surprised if it lasted for around 10 weeks, just like the others.

In other Togashi news, June’s Hetappi Manga Kenkyujo R includes a special feature from him about how storyboards are created. A teaser can be seen at Shonen Jump’s website.

Was that so bad Moonies? Sorry it’s been a dry week. I too want this Sailor Moon draught to end!