Recent Sailor Moon Finds in Italy

Last night, as we were searching for more information on this not-confirmed rumor that the show is going to return, we did some digging. The interview will either be posted on AnimeFun, or the forum founder’s website, AnimenoCensura. It also looks like the forum is letting fans get in on the interview, so post here if you have any questions for him! It seems one fan has already asked a question about where the rights are to Sailor Moon.

Also, in Italy, the June issue of Cartoni magazine had an eight page feature about Sailor Moon. The article talks about the series, the movies, the characters, the plight it faced in Italy, and also features an interview with Elizabetta Spinelli, the Italian voice of Sailor Moon. It also has a feature quiz asking which Sailor Senshi you would be! To see pictures of the spread, click here to visit Sailor Moon Fantasy!

We also found out that a fan-written book was published in Italy just weeks ago by Iacobelli SRL , a private publisher. I ♡ Anime: Sailor Moon La Bella Ragazza Guerriera was written by an otaku, Elena Romanello, and is part of their Collana I ♡ Anime series. The title translates to: The Beautiful Girl Warrior. The book is about her cultural impact around the world (especially on gender roles), during her run and beyond when she vanished into thin air. There is a special section about complaints (of which there were a lot in Italy) as well as cosplay! From what we have read it is quite a hot seller! The book is available at many online retailers.

And if that wasn’t enough, we found a product named after Sailor Moon. Trucco Minerale has an apricot blush shade called “Sailormoon”. It is described as having a delicate pale apricot color that illuminates the cheekbones. It should be paired with an illuminating eyeshadow. One blogger noted that if used sparingly, the color is delicate, and the name is attractive. Seeing something like this makes us wonder what else have we yet to find that has been named after Sailor Moon?

Not Worth Any Bang For Your Buck…

Future Anime Not Even Worth Half Of Its Hefty Pricetag!

This afternoon, I finally caved and picked up the latest issue of Future Anime from my local convenience store. This is only the magazine’s second issue, the first one was released around a year ago. I never got to read that one, but I had been reading that there were plans to release more issues of this magazine if the demand was high. This is one of only two anime magazines on the market right now (the other being the bi-monthly Otaku USA). So, I purchased the magazine, when to my surprise at the till I was greeted with an astronomical price of just over 13 dollars. I couldn’t believe it, especially since the magazine was not terribly thick, but I bought it anyway. My mistake for not checking the price tag!

Earlier this evening, I crashed on my couch with the magazine in tow, and read it. It took me under half an hour to get through this magazine. Coming from former editors and writers of a much better magazine, NewType USA, I expected much more. This is what was included in the magazine:

13 Anime descriptions with shortish reviews, in almost the exact visual format as the anime reviews in NewType USA. They all included offbeat titles, series information in a tiny box, and the article text set off at an angle. Of course, these were set against a large picture from the anime in question, and the text barely covered half a page.

1 Two-page introduction to hot manga titles and titles which should be picked up. This was also done on a “lovely” hot mustard colored background.

12 two-page pull-out posters from: Darker than Black, Ouran, Prinny, Cross Edge, Voltron Fleet of Doom, Nighthead Genesis , Maria Watches over Us , Gakuen Alice, Princess Resurrection, Clannad, Freedom, and Code Geass. These posters weren’t particularly glamorous with the images that were used. We can see some otaku sticking these posters on their wall, but how are a bunch of posters really considered a magazine bonus? What are we, like 8?

7 Video Game Reviews. 6 of them were crammed in a 6-page spread, and the 7th was a review of the new fighters from Street Fighter IV.

1 Editorial about the “Subspecies” of American anime fans. I had to scan this for this article. Even though it tried to be humorous, it just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was because I was so frustrated with everything in this magazine up until this point. Click the image for full size.

The writing in this magazine was so-so. It didn’t keep me engaged and excited as reading NewType or Anime Insider once did. There were a couple mediocre standouts in this magazine, the first was a review of Full Metal Alchemist written from the perspective of a writer who ran a two day marathon watching all the episodes. The second was an article on the live action Death Note movie with a small inset about other live action films picked up by Viz. All the video game reviews were lukewarm at best. The manga reviews were pretty generic. What would have made this issue much better would have been featuring other aspects of anime culture like perhaps a few interviews with some company reps, crew, or voice actors, or some actual news articles about anime. I would have loved to have read another perspective on the current downturn in the anime industry. And some cosplayers or anecdotes from Japan would have added a little more life to this magazine. Heck, it’s con season. Would it have hurt to have featured some coverage from one con?

All in all? It was not worth the 13 bucks. 5, maybe. It doesn’t matter that this is a yearly publication, so it’s seemingly alright if it costs that much. If Future PLC is going to charge that much for a magazine, it should include that much worth in quality.

Sailor Moon Hair Still Tops With Models!

This sighting comes to us from Ian Manley! He pointed us to this link on a message board that featured scans from Japanese Fashion Mag, Ageha. Ageha is a magazine aimed at women who desire gyaru couture and all things fashionable from hairstyles to cosmetics, and features all the hottest fashion trends in Japan. For those of you who don’t know what the word “Gyaru” means, Jonathan Ross did a good explanation of it in his Japanorama mini-series a few years ago, else we’ll tell you that gyaru is a word used by women who are pushing the boundaries of their identities, particularly wanting to wear clothing that requires a tan (one of those strange things about Japanese culture we don’t quite understand here in the Western world). In this month’s issue, the models were photographed with hairstyles inspired by the Sailor Senshi – and their method for doing odangoes looks a lot less painful than the old one from Renee Scofield (I know this from personal experience T_T). The costumes are wrong, but nonetheless, we think that the many cosplayers who read this site can from the pictures discern how to do the hairstyles and better complement their Sailor Senshi costumes! Thanks to Ian for pointing us to this sighting! Click the links below to check out pictures of the special!

Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus
Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Pluto
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

And for those of you who still want a little more, click here to take a look at behind the scenes of the Chibi-Usa shoot at model Sakurina’s blog!