Moon Prism Power REAL Make-Up!

Hot offcompact01 the presses Moonies, Fumio Osabu has just announced that a Sailor Moon Makeup Compact will be hitting the stores in Japan.  After many requests from fans for transformation items, “Crystal Brooch” is the first authentic Sailor Moon-themed adult makeup product ever!  The compact is aimed for girls who loved the compact toy who have now grown up to be women who wear beautiful makeup. The compact comes with “Sailor Moon R Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder” pressed powder, and a mirror.  Special attention was paid to the detail of this product as it actually looks like Sailor Moon’s compact.  The compact will be unveiled to the public at the Tokyo Toy Show at Tokyo Big Sight on the 16th. More ordering information is at Premium Bandai.  This compact will be produced by Bandai’s premiere cosmetics line, Creer Beaute.  The price is listed at 3980 Japanese Yen, or around $40 USD. What do you think Moonies? Would you like to see something like this at Sephora?

EDIT: This product will not be available for shipment until October, but pre-orders are available as supplies permit.

EDIT: Some more details have been learned about this product. The powder has a gentle “Princess Floral Fragrance” that is smelled when you open up the compact, and the powder has been specially formulated to absorb sebum to avoid that oily look on the face (I am curious if Naoko Takeuchi’s background in chemistry and pharmaceuticals contributed at all?).  But this will not dry out your face as the powder has a moisturizing component to it. And finally, the powder will have some pink glitter elements to it to give the skin a glossy tone.

New Sera Myu Musical Announced!

Hi Moonies! Yours truly had heard rumblings of a new musical a few days ago but waited for someone official to say something publicly. I can now confirm that there will be a new Sera Myu musical premiering in Japan this September for a very limited run of 9 days – from the 14th to the 23rd at the AiiA Theater Tokyo in Shibuya.  Obviously, the production team is very busy in trying to work out the kinks involved in the new anime series, so while Naoko Takeuchi is likely to be overseeing the production, an entirely different team is going to be producing and directing the musical.  Among those is  Takuya Hiramitsu who has written the screenplay and will be directing.  Takuya has previously directed and wrote screenplays for 10 Sera Myu musicals from 1995-1998 – so he is well seasoned towards Sailor Moon (Super Senshi e no Michi, Yume Senshi, Sailor Stars, Eien Densetsu, Shin Densetsu Kourin and all their kaitebans).

Organization will be handled by DWANGO (probably manage the web presence of the musical), NELKE Planning (likely casting and production), and Kodansha. As of this writing, Toei Animation is not involved as they had been in previous musicals. Sera Myu was very successful in its run of 27 different productions and 800 performances from 1993-2005.

There will also be an entirely new cast made up of entirely women, akin to Japan’s Takarazuka revue.  This was a shock to me when I had heard about it, (and I did not believe this) but nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how this takes Sailor Moon in a brand new direction. Naoko Takeuchi was also there  for and participated in the casting process!  The biggest confirmed cast member at this point is none other than former Takarazuka star Yuuga Yamato, who will be playing Tuxedo Kamen (or Tuxedo Mask) who has had plenty of amazing roles under her belt playing male characters.  Playing Sailor Moon is Satomi Ohkubo, whose biggest role so far has been playing Lisa Izawa this year in the Japanese supernatural detective drama Galileo.  Playing Sailor Mercury is newcomer Miyabi Matsuura who was chosen as Junon’s Grand Prix winner for their girl’s talent contest last year, and who had her first stage role in Girl Story earlier this year. Playing Sailor Mars is Kanon Nanaki, who is an idol singer.  Playing Sailor Jupiter is Yu Takahashi, who played Yuri Aso in Kamen Rider Kiva. And finally, Sailor Venus will be played by Shiori Sakata, who graduated from the idol group Idol College in 2012, and has been in NHK’s high school drama Kingyo Club, and had a role in the musical Sing! last year.

For fans who want to get tickets, there will be details in tomorrow’s edition of NakayoshiA schedule of performances is posted at Sailor Moon Channel, and tickets will cost 6800 Japanese Yen (or around 68 US Dollars). But those who pick up Nakayoshi will be able to start reserving tickets from tomorrow!

This new team definitely has many high expectations for this production not only from fans, but from everyone involved at the top level of Sailor Moon, (considering the excessive secrecy behind the new anime series, this could be the only new production anyone sees for a long time)??? We wish them all the best of luck, and we will keep you posted of any new details as soon as they happen.


Osabu’s Message to Fans About S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon and Answers to Your Questions!

In yesterday’s post (and apologies for the late-night typos, they have been fixed), it turns out that Fumio Osano (better known as Osabu), had written a message to the fans in the June 2013 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. It is located in the orange box at the top of the second page. Here, is our translation (Thanks Emi!):

The orange part reads:

A message from Naoko sensei’s editor, Osabu. He’s been Naoko sensei’s editor back then and even now.  Well known among fans with his nickname Osabu,  Mr. Fumio Osano of Kodansha gave us, S.H. Figuarts, comments.

The white part reads:

While Bandai Collectors worked very hard to keep the original feel of  Usagi’s action pose and face, at the same time, they tried to update the looks to the current style. Even the ad is also very particular so please check it out. When you see the ad you would go “gotta buy this!” LOL  Hope you guys can bring all the senshi out.  If Usagi sells, all the senshi should become available I think. I personally like to see Sailor Saturn! Let’s do it!

And, I asked some questions that many of you had to Xavier Lim at Bluefin Tamashii Nations!

MC: Will the new figure have packaging/instructions in English? How much assembly will be required?
Bluefin/TN: As of this moment, the packaging and instructions will be still be in Japanese.  There may be an additional licensing sticker on the box that may vary by region, but that is there only to mark it as an officially licensed product.

MC: Is Sailor Mercury a prototype being tested or is it next in line? Are there figures of other characters also being planned or is it too early to say?
Bluefin/TN: Tamashii Nations will often tease figures of future releases or items they would like to test consumer reception on before continuing forward.  Prototype figures without release dates or pricing information do no indicate an item is going to be released next. There have been many cases in the other product lines where a prototype figure has been shown before, but has not been released, only to have other characters come out beforehand.

MC: When will the figure actually hit the shelves, August, September or October? Many sites are reporting different dates from August-October for when they will actually ship the figures to customers.
Bluefin/TN: The official Japanese release date is August 2013.  For the U.S. and Canada, it is Sept 2013.  Some stores that have very large fulfillment centers may believe they will not be able to ship out in time before the end of September and have indicated an early October release date.

MC:  How much input did Naoko Takeuchi have in the design of the figure?  What was the collaboration like? How were the facial expressions chosen? How long did this Sailor Moon figure take to develop?
Bluefin/TN: Yes she is involved.  This figure has actually been delayed until now by her request.  Otherwise this figure would have been revealed a few years ago.

MC: How long will the two bonus faces be available, and will all launch figures have them? Approximately how many figures will be in this first production?
Bluefin/TN: 1st release bonuses will be packaged inside and will be available on all figures in this 1st production cycle.  I cannot reveal production numbers at this time, nor can I indicate if/when a second production will occur.

MC: What is the timeline for the production run of the figure (first press and subsequent presses)? What window will there be for fans to purchase the figure before it gets removed from circulation?
Bluefin/TN: In N. America at least, the 1st release of the figure will be still readily available for retailers to re-order at least until December.

MC: At Tamashii Nations 2012, a figure of Sailor Moon and Luna in Chibi/Super-Deformed design was announced. Are they going to be released and if so when?
Bluefin/TN: Hopefully soon!

Only a few more months until release! Are you Moonies excited yet?

Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts in Dengeki Hobby Magazine!

Hi Moonies! We managed to obtain some scans of the Sailor Moon pages in Dengeki Hobby Magazine’s  June 2013 issue, which went on sale in Japan just a few weeks ago.  This is a Japanese magazine devoted to plastic models, and even provides tips about their assembly, modification, and painting.  This issue featured a full page advertisement, along with a two-page article promoting the figure.  While we don’t know if any of the English magazines are going to feature anything on this upcoming figure (such as Neo Magazine UK or Otaku USA), we thought fans might like to have a look at some of the early press that this figure is receiving in Japan. Check out the pages below!

Meet a Sailor Mercury Figure Prototype!

A few days ago, a blogger named Seaside Tears was wandering around Sofmap (a Japanese electronics store), and noticed that there was a small exhibition devoted to the upcoming Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon figure featuring flyers, figures, and a large display playing the commercial over and over again. And surprisingly, there was also an unpainted Sailor Mercury prototype on display. The post got picked up by Tomopop, and later Crunchyroll, and then the news got to me via staff member BlueSwim. While the figure has not been officially announced, it is unknown if it ever will be either. This may be a test from Bandai to gauge public reception towards the figure. Many of our older fans may remember that Irwin did this once a very long time ago with the Amazoness Quartet. But unfortunately, they never got made due to Irwin dropping the line (and later facing bankruptcy). If fans are interested in seeing a Sailor Mercury figure produced, feel free to leave comments here or on our Facebook page, as well as on Bluefin Tamashii Nations’ Facebook Page, or on Tamashii Nations Japan’s Facebook Page if you can write in Japanese. For those of you looking to pre-order the Sailor Moon figure, please check our previous post for a comprehensive list of places you can pre-order the figure from. The exhibition is traveling around to different Sofmap stores around Japan until the end of the month (check here for a schedule). For now though, here are some images (credit to Seaside Tears) of the exhibition!